Friday, December 12, 2008


The first set of bra and panties is almost finished. Some elastic to the top of one of the two panties, then I'm done. In my post of this weekend I showed you a piece of lace of which I have only 60 cm. It was the last piece, normally I won't buy less than 1 meter, but as it was wide I couldn't resist because of the wonderful fabric and quality.

And on these items I have an obsession for symmetry. But with only 60 cm of fabric to play with, this is not easy. I cut the upper cups first, these are the largest pattern pieces for the lace and 'must' be identical (if you make bras and are not as obsessed as I am, you make your life a lot easier, I assure you).

This is what was left of the lace after cutting the upper cups and center part of the bra.
The pattern piece below it is to be cut twice, and will be on the left and right of the front of the panty.
Obviously this can not be done, symmetrical or not.
On the scallop side, I put the pattern at the most narrow part, and traced the contour of the flower.
Then the pattern piece is turned and the flowers matched. Happy face with me, it works!
I changed the pattern so that it's possible to cut two smaller parts. The part I cut off, I put to the back pattern part.
Two identical lace parts for the panty.
There was a little piece still matching on the scallop left. I used that for an extra detail at the band on the outer side of the bra.
And this is really all that's left of 60 cm of lace.

This set won't be finished very soon, but I certainly expect to show you some pictures end of next week. Another busy weekend ahead with friends visiting and celebrating my son's birthday. This "little boy" turned 13 today. Taller than his mum already, which pleases him enormously.

And some time ago I promised to make a tutorial for a partial band bra. It's finished and I uploaded it as pdf file earlier this week. It's too many pages to publish here. Click on the Tutorials (pdf) link on top of my blog to see the list of pdf-files.


  1. I completely understand this desire to get things symmetrical and would have done the same! Using the tissue paper was smart to get the pieces just right.

  2. Wat een prachtig kant zeg! Snap dat je er veel tijd in steekt om het dan ook mooi symmetrisch te krijgen.
    Heb ook nog even bij je werkbeschrijvingen gekeken. Wat ontzettend verzorgd toch allemaal en praktisch toepasbaar. DANKJEWEL!!!