Sunday, December 7, 2008

December already

How fast this year is going by, and what little sewing I'm doing at the moment. The 5th of December is the feast of Sinterklaas, and I wrote about that tradition in this post. So I was busy with presents (that I don't sew) and silly poetry and had a wonderful evening.

Saturdaynight DH and I went to the theater to hear 3 Dutch singers (for my Dutch readers: "Aardige jongens", een aanrader), and today I spent the afternoon with friends from my student days making a christmas decoration. Quite a busy and very pleasant weekend.

Little sewing, but I did start something new. as you can see it is in construction phase. I changed my pattern a bit, as for some reason (age, fitness?) the pattern I always used seems a bit too small.  And I cleaned out my ling erie drawer, resulting in a definite need to make a few new sets. And these things are relatively easy to make in small time slots. I did have a lot of other more conventional clothes in mind, and I did trace a few patterns in the last two weeks, but have nothing cut. I'll tell you about those plans when I get to them.

And the next fabric is so lovely. I only have a piece of 60 cm, but it can be used on both sides. With careful cutting it should be possible to make a bra together with one panty.


  1. *everything* you posted is so pretty! I want to make more holiday decorations myself. But, I never get around to it.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful tradition. And it keeps commercialism out of Christmas.

    Your "pretties" are lovely.

  3. Sigrid, I was planning to email you to tell you how great your bra tutorials are. I'd like to try making a bra so I've been reading everything I can find. I think I actually understand how it's done! Now I just need to order a pattern and supplies.

  4. What a lovely post today. Yes, it's hard to believe it's December. Do your kids have long lists of what they want? My daughter just emailed me her list but I've been too scared to take a look at it!

  5. Your post reminds me that I want to dip my toe into the wide world of lingerie sewing. Your current project is pretty!
    I am so glad you have posted tutorials.

    Did I hear you say that you don't sew gifts? I have made that choice also. It is always tempting, but much better for all involved if I don't make the emotional & time investment in something they might not like or appreciate.

    Your decorations look lovely.

  6. Such beautiful lingerie. That second fabric is going to make you a gorgeous bra.