Saturday, July 26, 2008

Inspiration, but no sewing

It will be quiet on my blog for a while. I didn't do any actual sewing after finishing my jacket. Started making a lin gerie set, but even though I usually make a set in small periods of say 15 or 20 minutes at a time, there just is no time to do a lot on it.
And also there is/was not a lot of time to read reviews or blogs. I do skim a lot of posts in between through the reader, but don't comment a lot at the moment.

Most frustrating on having no sewing time at the moment is the fact that I didn't even redo my coat muslin. I intend to make (yet another) muslin in size 40 and do an FBA. This like Nancy K suggested, as I never sew 44 for tops in BWOF sizes. And this coat seems to have enough room in the upper part. All those who commented on my muslin where very right on that part.
Nancy K asked what interfacing I will use to stabilize the fabric, and it will be Vlieseline H410 (this is sold in other parts of the world as Vilene).

Coming week is finishing a lot of work and then I'll be away for two weeks. I'll be back sewing somewhere in the second half of August I hope. In the meantime I will think of what to make of these fabric combinations. I'm so inspired by all the capsules and mini-wardrobes I've seen in the past months. And then it will also be time to do some fall sewing, which I think is more inspiring than summer sewing. And I do want to finish that coat!


Black/white/red. The bouclé is from Fashionista fabrics.  It will be a jacket. Striped black a pair of pants, white a blouse and the black is a knit for a nice t-shirt.
Blue/white. The right aqua will be a jacket too (can you tell I love jackets) and the stripe in the other fabric has exactly the same color. The other blue is a linen pants that's almost finished, but an UFO for three weeks now.
The white the same fabric as above for a blouse.


  1. I have to agree on the Fall sewing being more interesting! I feel I am also in need of a blogging/sewing pause, maybe when I feel ready to stop my summer sewing. Have a nice (and well reserved) rest, Sigrid!

  2. I like your combinations Sigrid. I am bogged down at the moment sewing the hated bridesmaid dress and finishing my BV dress.
    I was planning a summer wardrobe for the PR mini wardrobe, but I am going to skip it and instead plan my fall winter sewing. But I don't think that i will be able to complete it as I have sewing for dd to finish before she goes off to Korea for the year to teach English. I really have not been doing all that much sewing this summer for a number of reasons. Need to get some sewing done!

  3. Love the tweedy fabric. I've had my eye on that for a while but don't know what to make with it. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  4. Sigrid .- all need a break .... I also have a desire to break from the seam during the month of August. Good summer for you and yours. greetings, Paco