Monday, July 7, 2008

Slow progress

When I started the jacket, I thought I would need a week from start to finish. But I got so many last minute orders for work last week (good thing as such, it provides the money needed for sewing), that the jacket is far from completed.

I stitched the seams flat with a handstitch, because they tended to stay up, even after pressing.


Then I sewed the collar and understitched as far as possible on the inside, as I do not use any topstitching on the jacket. The pictures show the inside and outside of the collar. The pink are basting stitches, and on the lower part the marking of the seamline.

So the next step will be sewing the collar to the jacket and making the sleeves.

Collar inside Collar outside 2


If you want to have a chance to try Knip Mode patterns, you still have till tomorrow to enter your name in the comments on the previous post. The lucky number will be determined (by my readers) on Wednesday.

give away 010

And I'll add one other giveaway: a piece of stretch lace that I bought quite some time ago, but I never managed to get the right lycra with it. I have quite a lot of complete kits in my stash, it's unlikely that I'll use this any time soon, so I'll give it away.

The lace is 20 cm (=8 inch) wide and 1.80 mtr long (=2 yards). Place a comment saying you'd like the lace with this post. Other comments welcome too of course.

An answer to Katherine H's comment on my post on BWOF: the reason for this post was not to be negative of BWOF in general. I love BWOF (as most of my readers know) for their patterns and consistency of sizes. It was just a critical note to the pictures in the magazine.
And Lindsay: sewing from BWOF is not obligatory! Tastes differ, and we all respect that.


  1. oooh the lace looks lovely!
    I know what you mean about things getting in the way of sewing.I used to be able to finish a garment in a day or two but now i'm lucky to get a few seams at a time done:)

  2. There actually is a BWOF pattern I like very much and want to sew. The minute I find the right fabric I'll be sewing it....

  3. I've just read your last few posts, and want to tell you I enjoyed your humorous analysis of the photographs in BWOF. I find the same thing in most fashion magazines--who can tell what a garment actually looks like? I've noticed, too, when catwalk fashions are shown on tv, the camera focuses on the models' faces and feet!
    I also want to thank you for getting me interested in sewing again. Being stuck with American patterns (can't afford to buy the pattern magazines very often) I finally just gave up--so much alteration was always required, and many projects just got tossed. But I'm learning more about custom fitting, and are so careful to keep working until a garment pleases you. I'm also inspired by your realistic sense of what suits you and what doesn't. I've made some things that I should have known from the start would NOT flatter me! So thank you, Kate

  4. Sigrid - this jacket is going to be just beautiful!