Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miscellaneous / Do you want a pattern or try Knip mode?

give away 004 This is the seam gauge that I showed partially earlier this weak. It's very stable, has no slider, and does not bend. So it's different from the one Ann showed in her post (this was a question from Maree). It is sold out in the shop where they usually still have them here, but the origin is Denmark. Any Danish reader who knows if they are available online somewhere?

And there were a few comments apologizing for not commenting regularly or late. No need to apologize at all!!
I like comments (which blogger doesn't?) but understand completely that life can get in the way of sewing and/or reading blogs and commenting. Even if you read, you don't always feel like commenting. This happens to me too, at the moment I do read the new entries on blogs quickly, but there is not enough time in a day to always place a comment.

My jacket is coming along nicely, but nothing far enough to show you yet.

And I found these. Patterns that I will not use anymore, I've traced them, the sheets are not cut.

Anyone who wants one (or more) of these? If necessary I'll do a draw (next Wednesday).

Leave a comment on this post if you'd like one or more of these, indicating what you would like.

Mc Call's 5529, sizes 12/20
I've made it, easy pattern. But in wearing it's not my favorite, so I won't make it again. .
give away 001
A low-waist jeans pattern from the independent German "Pattern Company".
I bought this before I started blogging, but I made a test garment and the fit is not good for me. Explanations in German and Dutch, not very clear, you need experience in pants making I think.
1 cm seam allowances added.
give away 002
Vogue 7302 Out of Print, sizes 14,16,18.
Same story 2 years ago, I have tried View C in a very fluid fabric, in the hope this would be enough not to mark my hips too much. Wouldn't work, it was awful on me. But for someone with a more slender figure in that area, it should be good.
give away 003
Knip Mode extra insert from fall last year. The patterns are all for short, average and long sizes.
(1.60 mtr, 1.72 mtr and 1.80 mtr)
Two extra pictures below.
give away 005
give away 007 give away 006


  1. They sell that seam gauge over here in Belgium, I'm always willing to help to get some to people who want some :)

  2. Hi. Funny that a seam gauge should be such a novelty. I learned to use one in primary school. I can recommend seam gauges very much. A positive side effect of using one is improved abilty to judge distance visually.

    It is called a sømmåler or a sømometer in Danish. A google search on sømmåler leads to a company called Fjoelner. I don't know the company, but they ship internationally. A seam gauge costs 18,75, which is about 3.75$ or 2.5 euro.


  3. I would love to give the jeans pattern and the Knip Mode a try. Here's to hoping my lucky number comes up.

  4. The Somometer is available from a Dutch webshop
    eline kleinvak in Oudewater

    use google and search for Sømometer which has lots of Danish webshops

    you can buy this little metal measuring gauge in inches too, it is called
    Collins measuring gauge

    Or one made by Dritz at

  5. Isn't the white coat in the Knip Node one of the ones that Andy wore in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada?

  6. I remember a metal seam gauge from Grandma's sewing backet I inherited years ago (I live in US) and have one somewhere that's probably a Dritz replacement. They are handy and I use FashionSewingSupply's new one almost daily now. I love accuracy in tools even if I'm so not accurate!

  7. I would love to try the KnipMode patterns. I have seen some of the things you have made from them and loved them. Thanks for offering this to your loyal readers. :)

  8. I would love to try the Knip Mode. I have a Patrones and several BWOF. It is fun to compare them. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    If you order fabric from, they give you a seam gauge as a gift. It isn't a nice metal one though. It is a plastic one but it works well enough.

  9. Thanks to the other commentors for the info on the seam guage. I will hunt one down.
    Thanks to Sigrid for bringing it to our attention :>)

    I love KnipMode and will pass on sharing this time--I still have several issues to choose from!

    Lynda in Long Beach (too hot for Las Vegas now!)

  10. I've been hoping to find the Husqvarna Viking seam gauge, which is similar to the one you have showing but with more measurement variety. These are so much better than the Dritz sliders! I finally found a great little multiple measurement gauge in the quilting section.

    I would love to try out the Knip Mode issue. I've heard so much about it that I am very curious...

    thanks Sigrid and I love to read your blog!

  11. I would love to have the Knipmode mag.
    I've need had one of these before.

  12. I would like the Knip mode. Here in Germany they give me a funny look like they've not heard of it.

  13. I would love any of them, but my first choice would be to try the Knip Mode. I have a subscription to Burda and have been lusting after Patrones and Knip Mode. Mary

  14. Another Knip mode hopeful here.

    And thanks for the info on seam guages

  15. I'd love the vogue print. Thanks for letting me participat

    maumauisginger at gmail dot com

  16. knip mode here i come! it looks like a real challenge to me....especially since i tore my rotator cuff on saturday. maybe i can do some hand sewing for awhile. i am getting itchy fingers. gotta make something!

  17. Hi all, I found the somometer (zoommaatje called) on a Dutch website:

  18. Correctie for my previous comment:

    The site should be: