Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tracing and making muslins

That's mostly what I'm doing at the moment when I have a spare moment. As said last week I'm making long working hours at the moment, and there is little time for actual sewing besides the normal work in house, children with exams etc. I managed to sew the muslin for the coat sew along, as shown in my post last weekend.

I do agree with those of you who commented here or on the sew along blog that the collar is the main problem. As the Butterick pattern also has another view with a conventional collar, I will take the collar off and sew the other collar on.

Still, I'm not completely convinced that it is the right pattern, so I traced a BWOF coat too, to compare style and fit. Tonight I cut the muslin, and hope to sew it before or in the weekend.

It's pattern no. 120 from the December 2006 issue. No reviews to be found, but I am more sure with the fit of BWOF patterns.
Dawn of the blog Two on, two off wrote a post today on why she likes BWOF patters, and I agree with her on most points, especially fit and not having too much ease. And I would like to add the consistency of fit of BWOF. I really don't know for sure which size to make with the "big 4". Remember the dress my daughter made from a McCall's pattern? By size chart she needed a 12, we ended up with size 6. This doesn't happen with BWOF. At least, I never had that experience.

I also traced and cut a muslin for this jacket. This is from  BWOF February 2003, pattern 115. A relatively easy jacket with  princess seams and  collar stand. For this I'm going to use the bouclé fabric I received from Textile Studio Patterns last month. 

Well, I hope to have some sewing time this weekend. I need the diversion.


  1. I agree with the consistency of fit. The one thing I wonder though is about the coats. There seems to be little ease in them (which we seem to like with our regular clothes) but I wouldn't mind a bit more with my coats.

  2. I agree about the fit, especially in set in sleeves. The Big 4 always seem to have too much ease in the sleeve cap and I need to remove some of it. I never have this problem in Burda. I think that on the whole, the details are better or at least there! By the way, I like the BWOF coat better. Not that you asked.

  3. Well, BWOF patterns usually fit me without major alterations (slight sway back adjustment sometimes) so they are undoubtly my favorites

  4. I've made this 2003 BWOF jacket before and I found it to be a nice fit. I never adjust Burda patterns, they seem to fit me well. I made the size 38. It seems to have enough ease to wear a light sweater underneath.

  5. Can I include your observations over on my blog? I'll put it under the "Fit" category. And, of course, give you credit. ;)

  6. I agree with you on the fit of BWOF - very consistent. With Big 4 patterns, I always go by the finished measurements printed on the pattern tissue at the bust, waist and hip marks and ignore the pattern envelope.


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