Thursday, June 12, 2008

I wear what I sew (2)

Past week I took more pictures of the clothes I wear. For the complete idea I start with the outfit that was already described last week.

Wednesday Wear what I sew 002 Wear what I sew 008 wear 002
Jalie 2449 RTW blouse Origami blouse BWOF 03-2007-113
BWOF 02-2007-109 linen pants, copy of rtw Vogue pants 2896 rtw jeans
wear 005 blouse 002 IMG_2822  
Jalie 2788 RTW top BWOF 05-2008-121  
Vogue 7856 skirt made by me, few years ago, pattern unknown    

Of 6 bottoms and 6 tops and 1 dress, 3 are RTW, that make 77%  clothes that are sewn by me. I do think this give a good impression of what I wear. More skirts/dress than I thought, but that's mostly summer season. Generally I think of myself as always wearing pants.
Apart from the jeans all bottoms are made by me, as those are so incredible difficult to buy with the big size difference I have.

Some clothes I wore to business appointments (no. 3, 6 and 7) one set (no. 5) I will not wear in this combination again. This was just a weekend/at home combination, but not good.

As I mostly work from home, most of my clothes are rather casual, and even for business appointments it's not really neccessary to be dressed formally. I could have gone to a business appointment in set no. 1 or 2 without problem. As I wear jeans regularly enough, I never wear jeans to whatever appointment I have.


  1. 77% is pretty impressive. Of all the outfits, I must say I like #6 the best. It's very flattering on you. You should wear tops in that length regularly.

  2. Casual but very well thought out! And the pictures don't enhance the little details on the clothes you've made for yourself! Anyone who'd know a little something about sewing would note that right away!

    Of course my favorite is the last dress :))

  3. Everything looks great. I LOVE the last dress!!!

  4. Very nice! I like the top row pictures the best.

  5. Ditto what Adrienne said!

    I'm shocked that only 3 RTW garments put you at 77%. I skipped the math the week I did this but will go back work out the numbers. Before I read that I was thinking you were at about 98%! Of course, the numbers aren't that important, it's the fun of wearing your own original garments, right?

  6. What a great idea to post what you wear in a week! You have some great outfits and that 77% is a great number as well.

  7. That is fun to see! I need to try this one week. I usually wear a top made by me, but in the cool months I usually wear RTW jeans. Summer is different tho because I wear more dresses and skirts I made.

  8. 77% isn't bad at all! You have some very unique, interesting clothes and they fit - the great side benefit of making your own garments! My favs are 1,3,6,and 7.

  9. Sigrid, all this clothing is very well ... my favorites are 2 (casual but elegant) and 7 (very modern and for any occasion). best wishes. Paco

  10. Lucky I didn't do this last week as I had mostly RTW! I like the number 5 combo - the white skirt and the aqua top. And yet I am not fussed about no 6 that Paula prefers - I feel the top is a tad short. Shows we are all different :) But good job on so many sewn garments!!


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