Thursday, June 5, 2008

My take on BWOF 05-2008-121

technical drawing

Till now I've seen three versions of this dress: Tany made it, and on Patter Review there are reviews of Merteuil and Kay Y. All of them are lovely and from the first time I saw it, thought I would make it. I did have the fabric, that I intended for a dress from the moment I bought it and didn't want to leave it till next year.

In all reviews, the construction of the front was regarded as difficult.

I decided to trace the pattern and do it my way, because I had a similar experience with another BWOF dress last year.

What BWOF wants you to do is make the neckline and add the band over the front. What I did was take the part from the band off the pattern for front and back. I made the neck band completely separate and after it was finished attached it to the front and back. Let me show you what I did with the neckline.

IMG_2798 I joined the pattern pieces for front and back neckline at the shoulder, so that there would only be a center back seam.
The neckband is cut twice.

BTW: I made the neckline 3 cm higher, BWOF often is too low for convenient wearing without a camisole.
IMG_2799 One side interfaced with knit fusible interfacing (no black in my stash, white was only a bit left too, therefor the line on the shoulder), and sewed center back and center front of both the front and facing neckband.
IMG_2800 Center front sewed exactly till the seamline.
IMG_2801 Front and back neckband were sewn together, right sides together. Trim and clip as needed before turning.
I then topstitched the center front and neckline.
The neckband is ready.
IMG_2804 After sewing the shoulder seams (careful gathering is needed, as Kay Y mentioned in her review) the neckband was attached to the front and back.

To be continued... as is my I wear what I sew series. Today it was tan linen pants with a rtw white camisole and blouse.


  1. I can't wait to see your version. I love that white/tan/black print you have chosen! I wasn't too keen on this dress but each time I see a new version it makes me want to make it!!!

  2. Your right, this is the easiest construction method for this kind of neckline. Thanks for showing it to us. And... I'm looking forward seeing the result - really like that print.

  3. It looks great already. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.


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