Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In search of a pattern

I’ve been searching the internet for this pattern: Vogue 8259, the Claire Shaeffer pattern for a Chanel style jacket.



I can’t find a site where it’s for sale. Does anyone of you have this pattern (size 14, but 12 or 16 would do as well, don’t know which sizes are together in the envelope) and wants to sell it to me, or exchange it with Knip Mode magazine? Would love to hear from you.

You are awesome, I’ve had two replies on this request, so I’ll be sewing this jacket sometime this winter. THANK YOU!.


Summerset said...

Bummer! I have it, but in the *wrong* size. I've got a 6-8-10; the next size grouping is 12-14-16. I've loaned mine out before, and yes, this one is a hard one to find.

a little sewing on the side said...

I hope you find it - I can see this on you so easily. I have not yet sewn a Claire Shaeffer, but I am sure it would be a treat. Good luck! I bet someone will come through for you.

Teddylyn said...

Hi Sigrid,

I have a copy in the 12-14-16 size range. Let me know if you haven't found another one! I think you have my email.

Lynda in LV

gwensews said...

I've searched for that pattern for a long time, without success. Good luck!

Irena Tsibulka said...


It is still very hard to find this pattern :(
I'm looking for 12-14 sizes, and I need both of them.
I'm willing to pay for a drafted pattern with its scanned/printed instructions.
Or maybe someone can borrow me the pattern with the instruction, so I'll be able to draft it.
Of course the shipping cost is on me :)

Thank you very much :)

Danielle Ward said...

I am also looking for this pattern in a size 12-14. If anyone can assist please email or msg me.

Irena Tsibulka said...

I found the pattern (sizes 12-16) in an ebay shop "vintagepatternshop" it's a professional copy, for a GOOD price:

Hope it helps :)