Friday, May 15, 2009

What makes the difference

On special request a picture of my pattern change.

NB: this is the adjustment I made based on my first muslin, not the pair of pants with the diagonal wrinkles!

In the first muslin a bit more 'body space' was needed, I could see that (thanks Nancy K for the initial comment). The day after my first muslin was made, Threads issue no. 143 was in my mailbox. In this is an article "Improve the bottom line" for "those of us who have been blessed (or cursed) with a prominent derrière" (quote from the article). As it seemed exactly what I needed, I started with the change described, which in the end gave me too  much bodyspace, as you can see in the way I had to take out space from the second muslin. The only thing I really needed was the extra space on the inseam leg. In my picture that's the red line. The grey line is the original pattern line.

This was the article which gave me the idea of adding the extra space in this way, to answer Designdreamers question. I've made more bodyspace until now as in the next picture, but above seems to work well with this pattern.

Unfortunately it seems there won't be a lot of sewing time next week, my plans certainly exceed the amount of time I have. I hope to get a few things done this weekend.


  1. Good to see that you found your solution. Since most of us live in pants it's kind of important to be able to make them fit correctly. One thing that I found out is that if the crotch is correct, than the pants don't pull in the front thigh, so that not only will they look good, but they feel good wearing them. The muslin you posted was perfect, so kudoes are in order! Sometimes it is so difficult to interpret the wrinkles.

  2. That did wonders! Great job, Sigrid. Hope you get back to sewing soon.

  3. Thank you for showing this. With the before picture and now the pattern fix, it all makes more sense where the extra fabric needs to be added.

  4. Thank you for posting the details.
    I sewed 2 pants muslins today and I have yet to achieve the great fit you have. Well, this gives me hope!