Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sewing muslins

I've done some quick muslins the past evenings, and this is the result: vest no. 116 from the BWOF 2008 February issue and the pants from Vogue 1066 (the Badgley Mischka suit).

Belinda commented to make a muslin when I first told I was planning this pair of pants, as even on the model on the envelope you could see these pants are not wide. I was planning to do a muslin, but thanks to her comment I did not flatter myself with a size smaller than indicated on the envelope for my size (which I often do with Vogue). I took my hip measurement and made no alterations, to see how it would be. To my great surprise, these pants seemed to fit. Not the waist of course, but I know how to change for my waist. When I first tried it, still without waistband at the time, it was looking good.

The only thing I did in the below muslin is adding a dart in the front (looking strange because it's two layers, also the pocket facing) and making the dart in the back wider. The waistband is adapted accordingly. No other changes! Looking pretty good in my opinion. Perhaps I should add 1 cm in the center back, but that's all.

And don't look at the strange bulging pockets, I did not use tape to stabilise, it's only a muslin.

The vest is not so good, I did a fba but there's to much fabric above the bust and the dart is too high. I must do the fba in a different way and try again. Also in the back there should be a tiny bit more space at the hip.

And I have one more muslin cut out, the Marfy shorts from this years catalogue. I absolutely love these, and though I don't often wear shorts, I think these could be very nice for summer in a nice fabric. More on that one later.



  1. I think that the front of your pants look great. The crotch is perfect. In the back I think that you need a little more, as Joyce Murphy calls it, body space. When you sit does it pull down at the cb? Try pinning into the cb into the back crotch curve and see if you don't get rid of the wrinkles in the back crotch. If this works for you, you would need to add the amount of what you pinned out back to the hip so that it isn't too tight.
    I love the vest.

  2. Sigrid the pants look good. I laughed when you said you didn't flatter yourself selecting a size smaller than you usually do with Vogue. I do the same thing with Vogue pants, usually needing one to two sizes smaller than my m'ments indicate. This pattern though I found true to size which was a dint in the ego. ;) For all my complaints about excess ease in pant patterns, I do like a bit of flattery. :)

  3. You are so professional, your garments will all turn out beautifully. Looking foward to seeing them.

  4. I don't wear shorts either, but those look cute and comfy.

    Your muslins are looking good!

  5. Hoi Sigrid,

    Mijn email:

    Groetjes Linda

  6. Maybe you can just smoosh the excess up and out on the vest? I try not to think about these things to hard and see if my hands can guide the fabric so the wrinkle/excess disappears. Guess draping is my thing.