Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BWOF february 2009

In 2008 the January BWOF was the issue that had the most patterns that I liked. I did sew a few of them, but as always, never all that I wanted to make. The February 2009 issue is only the second issue this year, but it could well become my favorite issue this year. It's full with patterns that I'd like to make. Below a few favorites, but there are more that I like.

I received my issue yesterday and if I would have had the time, I would have traced a few patterns already. But it'll have to wait.

A couple of jackets

No. 113 is for petites, so perhaps I'll have to find out how to "de-petite" the pattern. It's designed for women of 1.60 mtr, and I even have to make the default BWOF patterns a bit longer in the waist, as I'm 6 cm longer than their default length size to which they draft their patterns. A bit complicated.

I definitely like the style of no. 115, certainly if you see the picture in linen in the magazine, but for this one I'm unsure whether it suits my figure. A muslin should make that clear.

Tops and blouse/jacket (103)

The first pattern that I'll trace is the blouse 104. I like the collar and it's a great basic style. High on the "to sew list"

For summer I'd like to try 129, the exclusive design of this issue. It's so special but can still be worn on a pair of jeans for a more casual look, or with a skirt or more formal pants for a more festive appearance. Summer is a long way off though, so priority is not high.

All patterns with pictures on models can be seen here (the bwof site).

Not Febrary but the January issue

On special request from Nancy K, the picture and line drawing of the blouse I'm making of the striped fabric. The Bwof site was not showing any pictures last weekend, I had intended to add this in my last post.

Nancy (and all others interested in the collar construction): I did look into the online index for Threads and tried to find this method, but there was no article on collars that I could find that by the description of the article is the method that is shown on the dvd. But it's difficult searching in this index, and I don't have that many old issues myself.

LisaB mentioned in the comments that this method is described on the site "Nancy's notions". I followed here description how to get there and here is a direct link to the instruction. Thanks Lisa.

I liked the Threads dvd, it's with live videos with Louise Cutting and Judith Neukam (Threads editor I believe). The last plays the role of not being too experienced herself, and Louise explaining everything in detail and repeating if asked. I think it's an interesting dvd, but personally I would have liked a book, as I can lay that beside my sewing machine, take up when needed, and use as bed time reading. But I did learn a few new things from this one.


  1. This makes me anxious to get my February issue. Should be any day now.

    I found the Nancy Zieman instructions for her Express Collar. It is virtually identical to Louise Cutting's instructions. I printed this out years ago, but it's still on the Nancy's Notions website. The URL is too long to post here properly, so do the following to find it. Go to and click on Project in the menu bar. Then click on Hints & Tips about halfway down the right side of the page. Next click on Sewing & Quilting Aids & Techniques. Express Collar is in the list. They sure don't make it easy to find!

  2. Alright, I must go over and get a sneek peek at Burda's website. I won't get my issue until next week sometime.

    I *love* jacket #113. It has a very curvy shape and it even better it is already a petite! I think I have the right fabric for it, too. The two blouses, #118 and #129 are great, too. But, like you, they're going to have to wait!

  3. I'm loving the Feb issue so far (but I don't feel ready to start spring sewing just yet so...). One of the blouses in the January issue also caught my eye and I believe it uses the same base pattern (dropped shoulders); it's the plaid blouse with a front ruffle along the placket. I'd love to make it using my tartan satin fabric.

  4. I can't wait to get my February issue, I love the looks on the website. I love the January issue too but it's too hot here to even sew! (Reached 45.6C/114F yesterday and will be around 42/108 for the next few days!!!) I always love the petite patterns and have to learn to elongate them for my height.

  5. Hi,

    Mod. 113 is my favorite too. Last night I´ve done the alternations (I´m 1,74m!). Hopefully I`ve time to do the muslin this evening.

    greetings from germany


  6. Thanks so much for explaining your collar construction and for the link to NZ's site. Very Helpful.

  7. I can't wait to get my issue. Jacket 113 is callin' my name. Too cute!

  8. Don't you hate when BWOF has a great pattern but it's in petite?! Looking forward to getting my February issue.