Saturday, March 15, 2008

Something white

English Nederlands

After my wash-disaster beginning of February in which I lost a couple of lin gerie sets I made some new sets. (to minimize unwanted visitors I add spaces in words so that the subject is not found easily, on Stitchers guild there were unwanted personal messages sometime ago when a certain subject was mentioned in the forum, luckily I was not the recipient of those, and don't want to be either).

As it looks like a lot of work, it's actually something that you can sew bit by bit. This one I sewed in a span of two weeks, but actually sewed in periods of 15 minutes at a time.

How about this detail?

Na mijn was-ongeluk begin februari waarin ik een aantal lin gerie setjes kwijt raakte, heb ik wat nieuws gemaakt. (Om ongenode bezoekers van mijn weblog en reacties zoveel mogelijk te vermijden voeg ik af en toe een spatie toe in een woord, zodat het onderwerp niet te makkelijk buiten het zelfmaak wereldje gevonden wordt).

Het lijkt veel werk om een b h zelf te maken, maar dat valt erg mee. Deze heb ik in een periode van 2 weken gemaakt, maar in kleine stapjes van steeds zo'n 15 minuten.

Wat vind je van het detail hieronder?


  1. Gorgeous! Where do you buy the fabrics for your lingerie?

  2. Heel erg leuk. En zo netjes ook!
    Mooi hoor.

  3. So lovely! I *love* the little accent in the center.

  4. It's so lovely! I have no idea what the detail would be called, personnally I would say a "broche". I'm admirative of you being able to sew lin gerie.

  5. Lovely lace and I too am curious about the center accent. Did you notice the article on the Threads site written by a former commercial designer? You and she both have me thinking more about the little additions which are so important.

  6. You make AMAZING lin gerie (don't know if comments are tracked too?) I too wonder where you get such fab supplies. 'course since you're in Europe who knows if they're available to us in the states.

  7. I am terribly impressed. I can't imagine tackling this type of item. This is truly beautiful.

  8. Where did you get that amazing lace? Did you have to go to Belgium? I've no idea where I could get lace that beautiful. Your lin gerie is lovely. I am impressed and jealous!

  9. Beautiful. That jewel-like detail on the center front is gorgeous!

  10. Another beautiful creation, Sigrid! I love the lace. Well done.


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