Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dutch sewing vocabulary / give away

For those who (would like to) make use of a Dutch sewing magazine like Knip mode, Knippie idee (children) or Knippie baby (for babies and toddlers) I made a list with the translation of Dutch sewing words.
Some time ago I found a list of Dutch sewing words translated to English on the internet. As this list was made by someone else, I never felt free to publish that one online, though I've sent it to some in a private mail.

Today I have merged that list with another one and made my own file. You can find the file in this folder with my tutorials. On the last page there are some special lin gerie words.

If you want to know more what's in the Knip magazines, here is their site.

When my children were younger, I had a subscription to both Knippie idee and Knippie baby, but in the meantime I gave most of them away. I have a few old, much used magazines left. But today I found that I have an unused copy of the Winter 2003 issue of Knippie idee.
I have no use for it any more. Anyone interested to have my copy? I'll give it away and if there's more than one of you who would like it, I'll draw a "winner".

Below a picture of the patterns included.


  1. I've read along for sometime, but I've never properly said hello ... so hello, and yes I'd like the Knippie Idee if it's spare;)

  2. Thanks Sigrid. The word list will be very helpful as I have several year's worth of Ottobre in Dutch. I have my own list of words so I'll add what I have with yours.

  3. *sweet* I've got one Knip Mode cut and a second waiting to be traced!

  4. This looks so much like my old Topkids magazines. I swear they had the exact patterns in them.

  5. Do you do much sewing from Knipmode? I have noticed more BWOF on your site. What kind of fit? My sister in law is Dutch and travels back and forth, so of course I am going to ask her to bring me back a copy.

  6. Thanks...How nice of you Sigrid for the translations and the opportunity to win a magazine! I have been thinking about trying that one! Mary

  7. Thanks for the vocab list, that's super handy. Would you mind if I added a link to it on the knipmode-english group?

  8. Too late to enter my name for the Knippee idee? I sew for myself, but also for our 5 DGKs. Thanks for the generous offer and for sharing the Dutch/English translations as well!

    I love your sewing projects!

    Lynda in LV