Sunday, March 23, 2008

Knip mode vs BWOF

No sewing around here at all for days now. I've traced and cut the muslin for the green jacket, but I haven't touched my sewing machine for days. And it will be a few days before I'm back to it.

Laura asked about posting a link to the Dutch sewing words list on the Knip mode English group. Didn't know this existed! And no, I don't mind links to my files. I write them for general use, I kind of like to make them and am very much honored if you think they're worth linking to.

NancyK asked whether I made a lot out of Knip mode magazine as she thinks I sew more from BWOF. Nancy: you are right. I don't sew a lot out of Knip mode for myself.

My very personal opinion is that when I sew a jacket or blouse, I want to make something special, that is not to be found in a store in the next shopping mall. BWOF patterns often are that special, just look at the jacket pattern that I'm using for my green jacket (which is from the June issue last year, that was a question too). Knip Mode is more casual and trendy, I'm much less attracted to their patterns.

That's why I have a subscription to BWOF, and check the Knip mode magazine in the store, to see whether there is anything worth to buy it for, and especially whether there is something in it for my daughter, who at 14 likes a lot of the styles presented and there are very regularly patterns that she wants to make (together).
But in the April issue there's a skirt I want to try.

Two other points:
Knip mode pants patterns are no good for me. I've seen that comment more often. BWOF is much, much better.
The instructions of Knip mode are better, but that's only helpful if you speak Dutch, but to my daughter this is very helpful.

(Tell you next time who gets the Knippie idee)


  1. Ooooh, that is a very interesting skirt.

  2. What a fight ;o) and I really love that skirt pattern!

  3. I find Ottobre a bit too casual for me ( like Knipmode) and much prefer Burda too. I have a subscription to Ottobre, but I think I will cancel it. I don't have a sub for Burda yet but can buy it from Border's.

  4. That's a very original and interesting skirt, Sigrid!

  5. Is it true that Knipmode has smaller sizes? Burda doesn't have many things that are sized 34, most start at 38.

  6. I realize this is several years old now, but I adore this skirt. I've tried searching for the pattern on line but to no avail. Where can I find it? megatstateofminddotnet.