Sunday, June 8, 2008

Black, white and a bit of red


technical drawing Fabric

It helps when you know your color season. Thank you for all your comments last week when I wrote about being in the winter season and asked how you define your colors. The concept has settled a bit in my mind, and when I look at the clothes I have and wear, there is a lot of black and white in them, and in the past I used a lot of blue. In the next period I will add more red and blue again.

Yesterday I went to a fabric shop, mainly to see if I could find coat fabric for the sew along coat (btw, it's going to be the Butterick with some changes, the Vogue coat will be done outside the sew along some time).

No fabric for a coat, but 3 fabrics for summer. Colors: black, white and a bit of red.  Tonight I started on blouse 107 from the June issue of BWOF with the fabric with red in it. Great, lightweight cotton, a breeze to work with. The front and back is done.  Promising to be a great pattern.

Yesterday I also started working on a new bag, but I changed my plan a bit, so that's waiting on an extra notion that I must buy.


  1. Lovely fabrics and what a cute top! I can't wait to get my june issue!

  2. Black, white and red are such basic colours. Being a winter would be great.

  3. I just got my June BWOF issue yesterday, there are lots of great patterns in there, I really like the one you picked out.

  4. Oh I like that June Burda magazine blouse. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  5. That is such a cute style! I can't wait to see your finished blouse.

  6. Very nice fabrics. I liked that style, too and I think you'll look great in it!

  7. That is my favorite color combo! Pretty fabric and great design...

  8. I like the style of the top. The fabrics are cute too, I look forward to seeing your creations :)


  9. Beautiful fabrics and black/white/red is ny favorite color combination!


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