Sunday, March 16, 2008


A short post to thank you for your kind comments. And I'm seeing quite a few new names in the comments lately: nice to "see" you. Thanks for visiting and your comments are much appreciated.
As I commented myself this week on another blog: it feels like I'm talking to people who understand sewing.
Thank you too for the consideration of spelling the subject in the comments also. I don't know if it prevents anything, but you never know.

As to the difficulty of making lin gerie. There really is no need to be impressed. I've said that before but it really is all about sewing precise. You need a lot of notions, but if you can find them, it's not so very difficult at all.

For NancyK's question of where I buy my lace and lycra I refer to my post from november last year, you can find it here.

And Paula: Belgium lace is another type of lace, much more elaborate and hand made, it's not what you use in linge rie.

Next post: the new and better version of the origami blouse! It's finished and needs pressing and a picture.

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