Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Slow progress

I was quite busy and my head hasn’t been with writing blog posts in the past two weeks. Also not a lot was done to the coat. I intended to take it to my annual 5-day “weekend” with my sewing friends and complete it there, but changed my plans into sewing easy knit dresses for both me and my daughter and a pants sloper. The event was this past weekend and it was such good fun. Lots of sewing and knitting done by all of us, talked about all subjects you talk about between girls and just had a very good time together.

Another thing that is keeping my mind busy is that I might start giving sewing lessons/workshops next year. An opportunity came across and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do it, what courses to offer etc. It will be something I will do next to my regular work, though it’s been on my mind for a long time to do this and share and meet with creative people. So much to think about….

Back to the coat. I’ve a few pictures to share of the inside of the front.


Floating shoulder piece


The facing not sewn yet, this was just to see how it would be with buttons. I will check other options as I’m not completely fond of the button closure.

IMG_5874 (002)


  1. How do you make the shoulder piece, and why?

    1. It's used to reinforce the area and make the outer fabric not "dip" into the more hollow area most of us have between shoulder and bust.

    2. And forgot to paste the link to a post last year where you can see in more detail what I did: http://sigridsewingprojects.blogspot.nl/2016/06/my-favorite-type-of-garment-to-sew.html

    3. Oh, thank you! I haven't seen a 'floating' shoulder piece before and was about to ask myself :-D I hope you like teaching. I really have and you have such a soothing and helpful personality. You'll do great.

    4. Thank You! I will definately try a floating shoulder piece!

  2. Niks leuker dan samen naaien en kletsen over stoffen etc. Ik ben benieuwd of en waar je les gaat geven. Leuke stof voor het jasje.



    1. Helemaal mee eens. En als het lesgeven doorgaat (en die beslissing ligt bij mij) wordt het in mijn woonplaats in de buurt van Leiden.

  3. I have not seen a floating shoulder float, would you talk a bit more about it.
    Thank you for all you share.



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