Friday, January 13, 2017

A week of finishing ufo’s

In the last few days I’ve been finishing 3 projects. All started in 2016 and still lingering around for one reason or another.
The first one to show here is a lace bra. My lingerie drawer has been in need for new items for quite a while now and I’ve been trying to get my bra pattern right again. I had a problem with fitting and just couldn’t get it right (obviously my body changed a bit). When I read the blog post How to add volume to your bra cup by Norma Loehr from Orange Lingerie it dawned on me that this could be the answer to the problem. And its was. I had been making my upper cup longer but what I needed more was some extra room in the cup itself.
I’m ever so pleased that the lace in this bra is quite symmetrical, except for the center front (bridge). I did not want to insert a seam there with this lace.
The only reason this bra was unfinished for several weeks was the fact that I missed the right colour shoulder strap. Basically it’s a staple colour, but I am short on a few supplies. Around the Christmas period I didn’t get around to going to the shop in Amsterdam and at the beginning of this week I just ordered a few meters of several off-white variations online at Lijfgoed (a Dutch shop, no English text).

Edit to add the pattern name: it's the Marlborough bra from Orange Lingerie.


  1. What a beautiful bra. The lace is just gorgeous and your finishing is wonderful too. I would be interested to know what pattern you use, since it looks like one I'd like to try.

    1. I forgot to mention, it's the Marlborough pattern.

  2. Everything about it is just fabulous, your skills are amazing, well done.

  3. A beautiful bra. The lace is gorgeous. Thanks for the link about the adjustment. It will be handy for the bra that I'm trialling at the moment.

  4. Such a beautiful bra, Sigrid, well done. I am gathering up supplies (awfully difficult to find in Portugal), and I plan on venturing into bra making sometime soon. Your work is very inspiring.

  5. Very elegant and delicate. I wish I could be bothered to persevere with bra many projects!

  6. Your bras amaze me. They look high end luxury!

  7. Oh wat een mooi fragile en elegant bh-tje..prachtig

  8. Beautiful and the charm in the center front is so pretty.

  9. Het is een hele mooie bh geworden, lief sexy en toch ook sjiek.
    Moet ik toch ook eens proberen om er een helemaal van kant te maken.

  10. Hi from America can you give some details on the bow on the strap? I would love to recreate that for some clients if it is possible.Thank you, Lori Strout