Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Knip mode dress

The last of the three unfinished objects is a dress I started in the last week of December. In the same spirit as the Burda challenge Marianne from Foxgloves and Thimbles started a Knip Mode challenge to sew more from her Knip mode magazines. I don’t have as many of those as I have of Burda magazines, having had a sort of love/hate relation with the magazine. I loved them around 2009/2010 when they had some really good and original designs. Since then I’ve occassionally bought the magazine as mostly their styles did not attract my attention but I must say they are improving. I must even confess that browsing through the issues I have there are quite a few patterns I want to try and I took up the challenge (again without fixed rules) and will try to sew at least 6 items from other magazines than Burda.


This dress is not very original, but it suited me for the fabric I had. It’s a mix-and-match pattern with several skirt and collar/neckline variations. I used a different skirt variation then the one in the line drawing.

After washing this fabric it was not as beautiful as it was on the bolt and I left it in my closet for quite a while. Rummaging through my fabrics I saw it and thought it was a shame not to use it after all. It was pretty straightforward sewing, no surprises. I used a size 38 for the back neckline and 42 at bust level. It’s easy to merge between sizes and a “fba” like this mostly works for me in a knit like this.

I did sew a zipper in the side seam, as I was afraid I could not get into the dress, the waist having no extra width.


I like the top part of the dress, but not so sure on the skirt. I shortened it because the original length was way too long and made it matronly. Shorter is definitely better, but perhaps a pencil skirt style is better on me.


  1. I really like the shape of the skirt on you! Fit and flare knit dresses are so comfortable. I agree Knipmode had some uninspired years but I like what they're up to lately. Not always sold on their fabric choices or the execution of the samples but that's easily ignored.

  2. I like the full skirt on you. Perhaps just needs getting used to? Lovely dress.

  3. I like the full skirt as well, it gives such nice motion while walking. At any rate, the dress is very nice!

  4. I really like this silhouette on you! Maybe it is time to change your vision of what looks nice? Of course, you must wear what makes you feel comfortable, but this looks good.

  5. Sigrid, I am so glad you wrote this post. Yesterday, I finally decided to take the plunge with Knip Mode patterns and decided on this pattern but I could not find any review for it online. The problem is I don't know how much about the sizing. I use size 46 with an Fba with Burda. I intend to use a size 44 following your tip for the FBA. Do you have any suggestions ? Thanks a lot.

  6. Perhaps it is time to get used to different styles. I wore my Burda cowl top and liked it, though the short camisole was a bit cold. I will wear this dress and probably feel ok.
    @Marie-Noëlle: you will probably be fine with size 44 and using 46 at the front. Just remember to adapt the front side of the sleeve to. Good luck with uour dress.

  7. Your dress looks lovely and I think you are just not used to the fuller skirt. I also tend to take some of the fullness out of the fuller skirts as they seems to swamp me.

  8. I like it too! It looks fancy, and I like the combination of fabrics you used.