Thursday, December 29, 2016

Burda dress

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it. If not hope you had a lovely weekend.


I finished my dress before Christmas and wore it to the Christmas dinner with my family. It was a rather quick project. A friend mentioned a Downton Abbey vibe to it and though I can see it I think (hope) it’s a bit more modern.

image  image

The pattern is from BurdaStyle January 2016, nr 117. Mine looks pretty much like the photo for once, as I made it from a dark navy fabric. Don’t remember where I bought it and think it’s a cotton/linen blend with perhaps some silk in it, as it has a lovely shine. A bit cool for a winter dress (I wore it with a shawl for dinner), but I found out that most fabrics in my fabric collection are not dress length, certainly not when the dress has a flared skirt and sleeves. And one of my goals for the next few months is also to use more of the fabrics I have. Not committing to anything, just thinking that as I have some really nice pieces it might be good to use them.

The sleeves are cut on the bias and are comfortable in wearing. I do remember reading somewhere that there might be a problem with sleeves cut on the bias, but for this fabric/pattern it was no problem. 


The pleats are a separate pattern piece that is cut off-grain. This helps the pleats to curve around the body.

All I changed to the pattern was adding 7-8 centimeters to the center front and adding 3 cm to the length of the bodice, which is what I usually do with Burda patterns. I checked the pattern pieces to my sloper and it was quite close to that.

Two pictures of me wearing the dress. These were intended as trial ones but the camera battery went down and I don’t feel like doing it again later.



A few dressform pictures of details.


Have a lovely new year’s evening all and a joyful start in the new year. Till next year!


  1. Lovely dress, Sigrid! Are your sleeves holding up well? I could imagine more stretching at the elbows due to the bias cut but comfort is also an important factor for a Christmas dress!

  2. It looks really great, and I agree the bodice does give a Downton Abbey vibe

  3. What a pretty dress! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Staat je geweldig Sigrid! Bedankt voor de inspiratie van 2016 en happy sewing 2017. Je hebt me geïnspireerd om weer wat meer te gaan doen in 2017. Ik zal er nog over bloggen en je noemen.



  5. oooh, gorgeous dress Sigrid! Love the off-grain pleats and bias sleeve details, sounds like a beautifully drafted pattern that will be so comfortable to wear. Happy New Year

  6. This is so pretty on you, Sigrid. I love it.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday.

  7. Dat is een hele mooie jurk geworden, vind ook de schoenen eronder erg leuk staan.
    Ik hoop dat er in 2017 weer veel moois voorbij gaat komen.

    gelukkig nieuwjaar