Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A challenge without rules and a pattern tracing tip

On Pattern Review there’s a thread with a challenge to use your (Burda) magazines more. In 2017 this challenge is held for the 3rd time and this time I will try it too. Especially as there are no fixed rules. Some want to make a garment from each issue that will be published next year, some want to make 6 garments, some using older issues as well. It’s your own challenge. I’m in the last group. I have so many issues of pattern magazines, not only Burda. Many patterns marked to make some day, but you all know what happens.

Even though I make more of my own patterns now, it’s still nice to have a pattern as a starting point sometimes, or even just use a pattern. Therefor I will try to make at least 12 garments next year using Burda patterns, either from 2017 issues or older issues I have. I made a good start by tracing and cutting a dress today. Whether it’s finished before Christmas remains to be seen.

Have you ever tried Burda magazine patterns? Here’s a tip for those of you who find the pattern sheets intimidating and have difficulty to find the pieces in all the lines.

First you start with the sheet (A, B, C etc) you need and find out what color lines you have to trace. This information you can find with the pattern instructions in the center of the magazine.

The numbers are not only printed next to a line of the pattern piece, but also in the margin of the sheet. The easiest way to find a pattern piece that isn’t too obvious is locate the number in the margin, in the color you need, and trace a (mental) line perpendicular to that number over the sheet. Somewhere along that line will be the pattern piece number you are looking for. Sometimes it’s close to the number in the margin, sometimes on the other side of the sheet, but always in a straight line from the number in the margin.




  1. Love this tip for finding the pattern pieces to trace! I knew the numbers in the margin were trying to guide me but never realized they're aiming at thpiece in a straight line. So much easier to find, thanks!

  2. Hi Sigrid,

    Dit doe ik inderdaad al jaren zo. Ik ben van plan om ook meer kleding te maken dus ik neem de uitdaging aan om komend jaar 12 kledingstukken te maken. Ik heb geen abonnement op een blad maar toch heel veel bladen. Gisteren stond ik weer met een nieuw nummer in de hand maar ik heb het niet gekocht. Eerst iets maken uit andere bladen. Mijn ideaal is dat ik uit alle bladen die ik heb iets heb gemaakt. Ik zal er ook over schrijven.

    Bedankt voor de sewing inspiration.



  3. Zo herkenbaar Dorothé, geen idee hoeveel bladen ik heb, zal ze eens tellen. Of beter van niet misschien ;). Leuk dat je de uitdaging aangaat.
    Omdat zowel jij en ik hebben leren naaien met bladen als Knip, Burda (en Marion) hebben raderbladen geen geheimen en vinden we het niet moeilijk. Ik heb gewoon van mijn moeder geleerd dat de bladen zo in elkaar zitten.

  4. Hi Sigrid I like the sound of the Burda magazine Challenge..making one a month would suit me just fine. I think I'll join in.


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