Sunday, December 18, 2016

Taking forever


That’s how it felt like, it’s not that difficult a jacket and making it much less structured than I would normally do even makes it an relatively easy project. But having our bathroom done meant more than just having no bathroom (yeah for not having to go to the gym for a shower anymore!). I really wanted to finish the coat and accepted the tools of the builders being in my sewing room too. After the coat I was just not in the mood to sew a lot in a limited, messy (especially as it was not my mess) space. Started the jacket and then just knitted more instead of sewing.

But… the collar is done and I do plan to finish it this week, unless I decide to sew me a dress before Christmas, which is sort of in my head but still undecided.


  1. Sigrid, this is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see the result. I hope your renovations are over soon. That is the most annoying thing to deal with, and at the holidays it must be even worse.

  2. It might seem to be taking forever but I know it will be impeccable!

  3. It might seem to be taking forever but I know it will be impeccable!

  4. Hi, jacket looking good, but maybe you should just take a break, ignore the mess and enjoy the season. Angela
    PS - on the other hand, a new dress for the New Year .... ?!!

  5. It is looking very good and take your time, this time of year is madness let alone getting your bathroom worked on.

  6. This is looking so beautiful and you know how perfect it will turn out when you finish it.

  7. Coming along nicely. But a new dress for Christmas would be nice too :)


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