Friday, November 25, 2016

Coat progress

At the start of the week I had high hopes of finishing my coat before Friday but it didn’t work out that way. Half of my sewing room was taken over by the stuff builders brought in to work on our new bathroom. My goodness, what a lot of stuff (and space) they need. There is a small corner left for me, and I did sew a bit now and then, but it’s more difficult with such a large project as a coat. The good news is that the lining is finished and waiting to be sewn into the coat (and we will have a nice new bathroom soon).


Again a very wild print for the lining. In this coat I chose to quilt the lining to add an extra layer of warmth. I used flannel for it.



I think I will not sew the hem of the lining to the coat but keep it hanging free. A nice finish for the hem of the coat was called for. I didn’t have any bias tape or fabric to make it around. Then I saw the petersham ribbon that I had used for a skirt for my daughter (she left the house before I had a chance to make a picture) and it was exactly enough to use for the hem. On the inside of the hem there’s extra interfacing, apart from the interfacing you can see in the above picture.

The steps that still have to be done are
- sew in shoulder pads
- finish the bottom part of the front facing
- sew in the lining
- attach buttons
- give it a final press

Definitely want to do that tomorrow.


  1. Mooi hoor de stof ben wel heel erg benieuwd naar de jas.
    Fijn als je straks een mooie nieuwe badkamer hebt.


  2. New bathroom!! It will be worth the short term pain. Your coat lining is great and will be nice and snug with the quilting. I did that on a coat many years ago and I still wear it on really cold days. We don't have many cold days here in Melbourne really so only got worn once I think last winter.
    I've been busy making my moulage (at long last). I am really enjoying Suzy Furrer's classes and am in the process of making a dress.

  3. That's a great lining fabric. It's so nice to have a fun lining.

  4. I'm so excited following your coat process since I think the lines of the pattern are exquisite. Your quilting for the lining sounds like such a cozy idea and looks so lovely as well. And my stock of petersham ribbon is such a wonderful resource so it looks like you have a handy supply as well.

  5. Your lining looks lovely and I liked how you have quilt it with flannel for warmth.