Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A purple coat

This is the first coat I’ve sewn in years. I’ve been planning one for a number of years now, but it never happened. I hope to have photos of me wearing the coat later, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen either. I’ve worn it outside already and it’s nice and comfy. Great coat for a bicycle ride to run some errands and it’s a good car coat too.

The coat is not very heavily tailored. It has interlining of cotton for extra warmth as I showed in another post. Of course sleeveheads and shoulderpads but not completely fused with interfacing on the front, no shoulder stay for example. That’s for another time. I can see that would further improve it, but for now I’m really satisfied with the result. I would do a few things different next time (for example decide in an earlier stage to use interlining or not, the buttons could have been a bit larger), but we all have those thoughts just after we finish such a project, don’t we?
The pattern I started of with was from BurdaStyle magazine, september 2009.

Contrary to what the line drawing suggests, the collar is just a rectangle without any shaping. I lowered center front about an inch and shaped it to a curve, higher in the front than the back. I changed a few other details too, but the general idea is the same.
The lining is quite colourful, not exactly a style my friends expected from me when they saw it during our sewing weekend ;). As a lining it suits me very well.

The fabric itself is a lovely wool, given to me by my friend Viv, thanks again Viv! I brought her some lingerie fabrics. Coating fabric is hard for me to find, as is lingerie fabric for her, perfect swap.

Next time: my son’s shirt, finished in the meantime too.


Irene said...

Your coat is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour. (I'll bet it would be difficult for you to get lost in a crowd?) Winter is dreary enough - it's good to add colour.

expat in Side said...

Ive been looking forward to seeing the result - its lovely, the lining too! Angela

John Luke said...

Great Coat.

Beth (SunnyGal Studio) said...

fantastic coat, love the color and style

djaktief said...

Hello Sigrid,

Nice coat. Are you the same Sigrid as from this blog

I really like the projects you are making and how secure you make them. I did a lot of sewing but after a few difficult years (health problems) I am a bit out. If you like to see my techniques please look at

Bye, groetjes,


djaktief said...

And if you are the same Sigrid I would like to let you know that this link does not work any more and in my remembrance there were so many good pictures and discriptions. Can you help.

Bye, groetjes,


Vicki said...

Beautiful! The lining is perfect too!

Sigrid said...

@ Djaktief/Dorothé: Yes, I'm the same Sigrid. I had a lot of plans for the Dutch blog but as I moved twice this year it simply didn't happen.
The sewing tutorials blog was closed about two years ago as too many links were not valid any more. I've linked to a few on my pinterest boards but it's not all there used to be on the tutorials blog.
Groetjes, Sigrid

Nancy K said...

The coat looks wonderful. I love crazy lining. A woman I know knew I'd made my coat when she saw the lining. It's a fun secret and neither of us would actually wear this print on the outside

djaktief said...

Please let me know your Pinterestname Sigrid. You can find me under with several sewing boards. I have found some of your pins but not your account so I cannot follow you.

Sigrid said...

A link to my pinterest boards: