Friday, November 18, 2016

Another coat

Not having sewn a coat in years, I’m now working on my second in one season. Must have gotten a coat sewing bug. As most of you know, I like sewing jackets and coats are in the same field, just a bit bigger and heavier.


During the Canterbury get-together with my sewing buddies Vivien was working on a coat from a Lekala pattern. I instantly loved the pattern and its details and her result was stunning too. This is her coat  using this pattern.

IMG_4064  IMG_4063IMG_4062

Not being original (imitation is a form of flattery?) I bought the pattern. I am still to unsure how to draft the collar like this and at 2.99 euro I could hardly go wrong. It took some time to trace the pattern (getting more used to pdf patterns but still not my favorite) and the fit is good.

Seeing Vivien working on it and her photos as a “post-it note” were extremely helpful in construction, as the Lekala instructions are completely useless. She used piping at the seam lines, I’m doing topstitching.

Here’s what it looks like in my dark grey wool. I have more pictures of the construction of pocket and button placket, which I will add to separate posts.

DSC_2202   DSC_2200

Doing more inner works in this coat than in my previous coat. DSC_2191


  1. Her coat is lovely and I am sure yours will turn out very well also

  2. Love The construction photos, knep them coming! :-)

  3. Yes, what a great pattern! Love your friends coat and yours is looking fabulous too.

  4. Beautiful! You are such a wonderful coat/jacket maker!

  5. Wat wordt het een mooie jas en met alle mooie technieken en haardoek die ik ook altijd op naailes voorbij zie komen, prachtig!

  6. Love the lines in this coat and your friends coat is gorgeous.

    Can't wait to see your version finished and thank you for the detailed construction photos.

  7. Wow, stunning pattern and Vivien's version is wonderful, I can see why you were tempted to make another one this season.