Monday, November 14, 2016

Burda 6874–Shirt for my son

It’s taken longer then I intended as the coat project came in between. It’s done though and I finished my first men’s shirt. It wasn’t complicated, just a bit different on some places. I’m not completely satisfied with the collar with stand, even after I took off the first stand and re-did it. It’s not visible in the pictures but it could be better.

The pattern is wonderful, everything matches perfectly and the size (taken from neckline measurement) is quite good. It’s what I expect from Burda and they do not disappoint.

I don’t have pictures of my son wearing the shirt. In the meantime he has found a job and having photos taken with his mother’s shirt is not a priority (which I understand).
There is some work to be done on the fit in the shoulder area. Something in the line of forward shoulder adjustment. But my son is satisfied with this first one and there will be more to follow.

I highly recommend Pam Erny’s tutorial for the sleeve placket, she explains it so clearly: Shirt sleeve placket. Her way makes it easy to use another fabric for the under placket and is beautifully finished on the inside too.
For chevron stripes this one is superb.


Definitely oversized on my dressform:




I had to use white as accent colour. The original fabric yardage would have suited for a shirt for me, but was not enough for this shirt.

To finish this blog post: my coat sewing is continuing. I was so inspired I started another one last week. A sneak peak…



  1. The shirt looks absolutely wonderful!

  2. That's a fine looking coat that you're working on there, Sigrid! I hope your son offers suitable gratitude for his new bespoke shirt.

    Look forward to seeing progress on the next coat.

  3. I like the white accents. It looks good. Enjoy your new project!



  4. This shirt looks awesome!! Would love to create this project using Italian Light Blue Plaid Botton-Weight Cotton

  5. Classic shirt for your son and it looks perfect.

  6. Lucky son, great shirt. And your new coat is looking good.

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  8. I definitely love the topstitching. Most likely less bulk than insertion of piping. Well- exectuted !