Sunday, July 26, 2015

An easy project

Making a bra is an easy project for me. I’ve made lots in the past years. I don’t even remember properly when I started making them, but as the lady who took care of my children when they were little (when I was at work), introduced me to it, it’s quite safe to say it must be at least 15 years. And I still like making them. After intense projects or in a period of lacking mojo sewing lingerie is often my next step.

Today I started on another set, all the parts for a bra and two accompanying panties are cut out. The bra is partially done.

band  1

For this bra I wanted the lace, which is only a border lace, to follow the bottom of the band into the side. I made quite a lot of tutorials about sewing but they’re all quite old now, so might be time to update a bit and/or show you what I did.

In the picture below you see the pattern piece for the part that’s beside the cup. It will be joined with the the band for the back (the lycra you see in the picture above).

I folded the lace in an angle and at the botton you see the lace does not complete follow the line of the pattern. From experience I know that’s not a huge problem.

pattern on lace

Before unpinning completely I marked the foldline with water soluble marker.

band marked seam

This is how the pattern piece looks after cutting and unfolding.


Pinned the marked lines, right sides together.

band seam pinned

Stitched the seam

band seam sewn

Folded the seam down. When sewing on the elastic the little piece sticking out in the corner will be folded to the back.


(the black lines in the pattern are not completely straight, I followed the light pencil marks to make the photos clearer and did not use a ruler at that point).


  1. What a beautiful bra! That lace is stunning, especially out it "outlines" the pattern shape. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  2. This will be a lovely bra! Such pretty lace your using!

  3. The lingerie you make are so pretty!

  4. Lovely! I am so impressed with your skills.

  5. word weer een mooi setje als ik het zo zie.
    Ben benieuwd naar het geheel.