Friday, July 3, 2015

Not sewing related (again)

As we are having an exceptional heat wave here in The Netherlands (and in most of Europe) I’m not sewing. It’s just too hot. That’s from someone who lives in a very moderate climate, I know.

I mentioned before I was knitting a mystery shawl pattern (Xanadu). It’s finished and I like it. It was a difficult knit with lots of cables (at least stitches that were knitted in a different order, which is how cables are knitted). I did not use a cable needle and love that way of doing them. I had a difficulty with the pattern, as in the knitting patterns I’ve done in the past two years a blank square means a knit on the right side and a purl on the wrong side. Not so in this pattern, it was the reverse, which got me confused very often.

During my holidays I had a finished shawl with me that I used regularly in the evenings and on the chilly days. They do give that little bit of extra warmth, I’ve come to like them a lot (though until two years ago I never knitted or used one).


Blocked and unblocked.



  1. This is really beautiful. I love the neutral colour.Comparing the unblocked and blocked photos I think you have to have a real vision of the end product as blocking makes such a difference(especially if you are not a knitter like me).

  2. Beautiful! Such an intricate pattern, must have taken many hours to knit. My sewing room turned into an oven and I find it hard to adjust to these temperatures, yet at the same time I want to sew all the sundresses. Bad timing!

  3. What a beautiful shawl this is! I think I would be intimidated by such a complex pattern.
    Sterkte met de hitte! ☀️

  4. This is stunning. I can only dream of making such a beauty. Beautiful work, Sigrid.