Friday, July 27, 2012

Pattern found

A few posts ago I told you about the missing Sorbetto pattern. Well, I found it not long after I posted (of course). I had come across it while searching for it, there was a pattern with a bit of blue lace attached. “Ah, the lace cardigan” I thought. I had completely forgotten that I made the lace Sorbetto top and that this was actually the pattern for it. Browsing through the pictures on a memory card to see what I could remove I saw the picture of the top and only then the lightbulb flashed on in my head. The pattern was right in front of me.

There’s nothing special to say about this top. It’s my 4th Sorbetto and there are a lot of them in blogosphere and reviewed on PR.

For me it’s a versatile top, it goes with my grey or white jeans, with a pair of black linen trousers or skirt, white cardigan, black jacket etc. It’s a bit loose below the bust point, that’s fine for me, it won’t be clinging to me in the hot weather we have here finally. Time to enjoy a bit of sunshine.


  1. So glad you found it! It seems like you had to make a few changes to yours too, maybe I should go back and look through to see if I can find anything useful to me.

    I love this fabric, it made up such a cute version of this blouse!

  2. this little top looks lovely - glad you found the pattern

  3. It's a nice, simple little pattern. If you did lose it, you could always download it again. It's still on the Colette blog.

  4. That really can go with everything. The cut is so simple. The fabric is fantastic, I would love to have a few yards of that!

  5. Very attractive fabric. I must be the only sewer on the planet that hasn't jumped on the sorbetto wagon.