Thursday, June 28, 2012

A tutorial and some info on patterns/notions

While Pauline was here this weekend she started filming the steps of making a bra for her own reference (and I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing a preview of her second one). Unfortunately she had some problems with the phone she worked with after the second movie. In the first one the sound is not so good, so I like to share this one: a “tutorial” on topstitching the cup of a bra with an edgestitch foot. I wanted to make some changes but my skills were not (yet) up to that. Strange to hear myself and talking in English as well. Hope that it helps a few of you who venture or have ventured into bra-making.


Barbara asked for reference to bra patterns and regularly I have the question of where I do get my fabric and notions. So here’s an overview of stores I’ve used. Being European based and with a store like Kantje-boord at reasonable driving distance I’m not familiar with any non-European vendors. Feel free to add information in the comments.


For the German sites: if you are looking for patterns, the word in German is “Schnittmuster”.

Link to site Patterns
Kantje boord 
For non-Dutch speakers mainly eye-candy, as the site is in Dutch only.
Merckwaerdigh, ebay store
Dutch, patterns in English en German too. I’ve made a few of her patterns with good result
yes (her own)
Dutch, site in English too
I made one of her bra’s, was a good pattern
yes (her own)
Dutch, site in English too.
Patterns and elastic for men, I’ve ordered a pattern for my son, but not yet made it
yes (her own)
German, site in English as well
yes (several brands)
Wien 2002 
Austria, site in German
yes (several brands)
Sewy (German site)
I have not ordered from them directly, their patterns used to be sold by Elingeria, but they sell them no longer,. The Sewy Rebecca bra, with little changes for my own fit, is my favorite pattern)
Sewy patterns


  1. Sigrid, thanks for the excellent video! Your bras are always so beautiful. I wear a UK size 38GG or 85K in European sizing. Is there a pattern you would suggest I start with and do you have any tips on grading up the pattern?

  2. Renae, I would advise a pattern with a 3 part cup and use a firm lycra/lace combination or use interfacing for stability (I always do and love the extra support). The side panel gives support as well.
    The Sewy Rebecca is such a pattern (available in 4 size ranges), and Danglez DB3 too (from G to I cup). The latter one I have not made but I know the lady to be very helpful if you have questions. How a patterns is graded you will see on the pattern sheets.

  3. Thank you for the video and resources. I am inspired!


  4. ha ha that was funny to watch - think my voice sounds worse lol as for my filming technique well what can I say ..............

  5. sorry for my english but do you know some website in french please
    thank you

  6. Touteclaire: I'm sorry, I don't know any French sites for this.

  7. Sigrid, you might want to look into the Yahoo Group called Custom-Bras. The owner of the group is an older gentleman whose background is in costume making for the theatre. He has also written an e-book called "How to Make Custom-Fit Bras". The author is Don McCunn and my friend, Victoria LeBlanc, a professional bra maker, was one of his key expert advisors. He also has online classes in bramaking. I am sure that you would be able to make your own bra pattern and have a bra that fits perfectly, after following his class. His answers to questions are comprehensive; and his feedback and critique on photos sent to him within the closed classroom or privately is invaluable. Everything is very discreet. You would be amazed at how many of us larger busted ladies have fitting issues. Mine have been solved by learning to make my own bra pattern.