Monday, June 18, 2012

Red set

One of the projects I worked on last week. Started and finished in one day with time to spare in the evening. And did you know that you don’t see red when wearing a white garment? My friend Valerie hadn’t heard of this. I showed it with a white t-shirt which was not very thick and she was convinced immediately. It didn’t show through!
Detail pictures first. The inside

When worn it looks an all lace bra in the front, but it isn’t. The lace has virtually no stretch, so a band that has some stretch is needed.

The side/back panel is interfaced with powernet, to give it the stability I like and need.

The finished set. The fit is perfect, though talking with Valerie who sews lingerie too  made me change the pattern slightly for the next one, to get my straps a bit more to the center. I’m quite used to this placement, but will try to see and feel the difference.

Matching panty, I made two, excactly the same. Not a lot of lace left to play with. 

The pattern for the bra is the Sewy Rebecca, with a few changes for fit and a downward hike in the back. All fabric and notions came from a kit from Kantje Boord in Amsterdam. The panty is a much used self drafted pattern.


  1. Dat is een prachtig rood setje, en idd je ziet het niet onder wit..

    Je hebt de afgelopen tijd trouwens veel mooie dingen gemaakt!!! (Ik loop een beetje achter)
    Je rode broek vind ik leuk, dat zwart/witte jurkje, heel speciaal, en je shirts.... je hebt erg goed je best gedaan...☺

  2. oh now you have done it - I like the red too - see what you can buy when you are there

  3. Wow!! Echt heel erg mooi, ik ben (zoals gewoonlijk) diep onder de indruk!

  4. WOW I must visit Kantje board one dayu!

  5. Sigrid Hello, my name is Adriana, I'm from Brazil and I mean that you follow in Picasa and blog, and I love your work! You are an inspiration to me! I am also a seamstress, but I still have much to learn. I like to wear only skirts and their particular caught my attention, she is beautiful! If not hinder it could help me out in this project, I really want to make one for me.
    Link of the skirt is this: # 5160254748715291010

    A big hug and thank you!

  6. Sigrid, this is gorgeous lace! I never knew about red not showing through--I'll have to test this out as I really love red lingerie.

  7. So very pretty! I didn't know that red does not show through. I'll have to try that!

  8. The lace is gorgeous and unusual. I love it.

  9. Wat een mooi elegant setje is dit geworden!

    Mooi die kleur rood.


  10. Prachtige set, hij past perfect.

  11. So pretty. Thank you for the photo of the inside. I'm not getting my underwire sewing right. There is too much fabric below the underwire so they flip to the inside. I'll have to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

  12. Great, beautiful set!! I think it's amazing you can make your own lingerie. It makes it very special.
    Thanks for the tip about wearing red under white. I've been searching for a right colour and thought that skin tones would be best but they tend to shine through badly so I didn't know what to do next. Now I'm gonna give red a try!