Monday, June 25, 2012

Meeting other sewing-enthusiasts

After spending a lovely time a week ago with Valerie and Sheila in Zeeland, this weekend was another one filled with meeting other sewing enthusiastic ladies. Pauline (from P’s thrifty sewing blog) was in The Hague for work and came on Friday afternoon to stay with me. We had a lovely time chatting and sewing. Pauline wanted to make a bra and as I made a few before, I did help her a bit.

This is Pauline working at the bra.
After a few hours the bra was finished. We found out that my tnt bra pattern fitted Pauline, she only had to widen the back a bit, so we used that pattern (Sewy Rebecca). She used a kit she bought before with a few additions from my stash.
I’m sure she’ll be making more bra’s in the future. I always warn that lingerie making is addictive!

The Sunday we met with 3 of the ladies who were also in Brussels and the November meeting last year.
Marta, Joana, me, Pauline and Hilde. Of course we all wore garments we made ourselves. Take a look at the most recent creation of Joana. The link brings you to her PR review of a lady Mary dress (Downton Abbey, I loved this series). She definitely made a stunning dress. ETA: And Hilde has just written a review of a beautiful summer dress as well: see her review here.

We visited a fashion exhibit in Arnhem, which was small and not very exiting. But we had a lovely day, coffee and lunch before going to the exhibit and tea after, so a lot of time to talk sewing and making plans for (near) future sewing meetings.

Joana brought quite a few magazines and the new Marfy catalogue to browse through.
I can’t tell you how much inspiration I got this weekend from talking about each others projects, seeing the pictures either in magazines or on Pauline’s Ipad. My head is filled with ideas.
It was sooooo much fun. Thank you ladies for a wonderful time.


  1. Lovely memories of Arnhem. Looks as if you might be taking tea in THE hotel. Do you recommend the patterns and kits from sewy rebecca for american figures?

  2. sad to have missed this one but looking forward to meeting up again soon

  3. It was cool seeing you gals again and meeting Pauline. See all you soon!

  4. here's to the next meet up - so gutted I missed this one!

  5. I had a fantastic weekend and now have a new addiction lol

    Great to meet you all, Valerie, Sheila - look forward to meeting you both

  6. i would LOVE to have a decent bra pattern that has any chance of fitting a very well endowed woman. can you supply a link or website for information and patterns? i live right outside NYC, so finding fabric and notions shouldn't be a problem.

  7. I love getting together with women who are as crazy about sewing as I am. My monthly sewing guild meetings are something to look forward to.