Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sewing friends

I spent most of last week in the holiday home of my friend Valerie, who was there most of the time as well. On Friday night we were joined by Sheila from Brussels. It was the most agreeable week and weekend. We went (snoop) shopping, visited a rose garden,  I went for a lovely bicycle ride to the town of Domburg. It’s been such fun. Of course some sewing was done too.

Can you imagine what a house looks like when 3 sewing ladies occupy it? It’s a mess in no time. Paper, scissors, pins, fabric, patterns…. everywhere. I confess a lot of it was mine.

An impression, with only 2 machines on the table at that time.

Sheila looking at which stitch to use? Look at the lovely pin cushion on her arm, she embroidered it herself.


I did achieve quite a bit:

  • Make a new set of lingerie, completely finished! This is exceptional, as I usually sew my panties much later and the bra doesn’t get worn in weeks or months ;).
  • Hemmed my tan linen trousers, made a buttonhole and attached the button. A ufo finished after three weeks, so silly to leave it that long with so little to do still.
  • Sewed two blue panties, to match the bra I made in February, so now I can start wearing it. You see it takes a bit of time sometimes.
  • Started a special skirt.
  • Had my measurements taken to be able to draft a pattern.
  • Got inspired by sewing together, talking about sewing and browse books and the internet (did you see this post about…, remember this jacket by…, have you seen the video of…)

    Thank you ladies for a lovely time!

I’ll show you most of the things in other posts. These are the blue panties.


The black and white will be the skirt.

And next weekend there’s another sewing related visit: Pauline is in The Netherlands for work and will stay with me from Friday. We wanted to go to Kantje Boord, but this is closed for holidays unfortunately. We will be sewing some lingerie anyhow probably.


Have a nice week all.


  1. What a lovely location for a sewing vacation. All of your lingerie is gorgeous.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful retreat!

  3. This looks fabulous - I cant wait to come out, just sad I will not be able to bring my sewing machine with me.

    See you Friday

  4. I know exactly what Karin means about the envy button, but for once I don't need it! How lucky am I!It was a super weekend and I made a whole dress and got a lot of inspiration and support. Sewing weekends should be a compulsory part of life!

  5. Very nice! Looks like you enjoyed yourselves thoroughly, got some sewing done, and best of all enjoyed camraderie and a lovely holiday home.

  6. Ah, that was Katharine in Brussels, not my husband "Minoustate" replying LOL