Monday, April 9, 2012

Neckline on my t-shirts

Trena asked for pictures of the inside of the neckline of my t-shirts. Here they are. You can see the serged edge and the stitching line.


And in the back the point where the seam of the neckband is.


Baking soda asked for instructions on how I did this. As I basically followed the instructions from the book (with only a difference in when attaching the end of the neckband together) I will not write a tutorial here, as I’m afraid that will violate copyright.


  1. Thanks for showing the inside as well. I do understand the copy right issue, didn't think of that!

  2. As I would also appreciate the description of how to do this perfect neckline may be you could just make a snapshot session of
    " This is the way I make it" . In case smth will be not that clear - we will ask you. is it OK?

  3. This looks much like the method Sherry of Pattern, Scissors, Cloth describes in this post:

    (scroll down)

    I wish my bindings all looked that nice! :)