Monday, February 13, 2012

Merckwaerdigh – BHS10 – Construction, part 4

The final part of the posts showing how I made the BHS10 pattern.
A small length of the shoulderstrap is attached tothe inner part of the band. I sew with the full length of the strap and cut off after stitching. This is much easier than trying to stitch with only a small part of the strap left to sew.

Stitch the rest of the shoulderstrap in the middle of the slider.

Pull the strap from back to front through the ring at the back, go through the slider as shown in the picture below.

Sew the other end to the top of the side cup. I’ve attached a ring at this end too, forgot to take a picture of that separately.

This is the front, detail of the cup and shoulderstrap.

Technically the bra is finished now. What remains is the little detail of the bow.
And I couldn’t help myself, I unpicked the hook/eye closure and sewed it again with matching thread. How obsessive is that?

Inside of the finished bra

Outside of the finished bra. The light was not very good when I took these pictures.
Thank you for your lovely comments on these posts. It’s so nice to read you like the bra or the way it’s constructed. Or even are inspired to try making a bra yourself. I hope these posts will help you a bit with that.
Amy asked if I changed the band for using stretch lace: no I didn’t. The important thing was to find an embroidered lace (which I often prefer for the look of it) with stretch. Most of those laces have no stretch at all, and these are unsuitable, as the band needs stretch. That’s why I combined lace and lycra in my red version of this bra.
Off to some other sewing and shorter blog posts ;)


  1. Love your newest bra! I have a similar Merck. pattern in a larger size and, inspired by your post, ordered some net embroidered laces to try out. I am trying to decide between the Danglez, the Merck or the pin-up girls bras in my pattern collection, or whther to clone a Fayreform or Goddess RTW bra :) I do love your inspiring posts and detailed photos!

  2. Sigrid, although I have not time at the moment to make a bra I love watching yours unfold. I appreciate the time it takes to make up the posts and I will keep them in mind for future reference because I really want to make a bra for myself. Thanks so much. All your bras are beautiful.

  3. This is truly amazing, Sigrid. I cannot thank you enough. I know how much trouble it is to take a thousand in-process photos, edit them, and write it up. The wire channels have always seemed the most mysterious part to me but you make them look doable. Now I am eager to try my hand at bra-making!

  4. I love the way how the strap extends down to the bottom of the back piece. I've never seen that, but it looks useful. So I'll try that for my next bra.

    (And yours is so lovely!)

  5. Thank you for encouraging me to continue to try sewing bra's. Your detailed explanations are very helpful.

    Thank you

  6. You write a great tutorial. I'm not ready yet for another fitting obsession, but I am tempted this is so gorgeous.

  7. Thank you so much for putting these posts up! I just got this pattern and was despairing a bit at the (English) instructions but this made it super-clear. :)

    Now if I can just figure out how much stretch she's drafting for, I'll really be somewhere!