Friday, October 28, 2011

A different wrap

The October issue of Knip Mode showed a nice variation on the wrap top or t-shirt with a twist. As I needed something not too complicated after my jacket, I did sew this last weekend. And still have no pictures of me wearing it!

Look at the neckline on the two pictures, a bit strange to have this from the same pattern don’t you think? The left neckline is much higher than the right one.

The line drawing, more representing the idea of the blue version than the pink one.


There are “step by step”  instructions in the magazine. To me they were not clear! For a start the pictures are too unclear to really see what is being done, and having used a printed fabric doesn’t help much either. I do prefer the instructions they had before, with drawings. If using pictures, they should have used a plain fabric. I tried to follow the instructions, and made a hem on the wrong part of the neckline, so  in the end just did what I think was best. It’s a muslin more or less, wearable but could have been better with clearer instructions.

The result of my collar. Not too bad, but I can just get my head through it.  I will try to get pictures of me wearing it.


  1. I would love to make this top but as a non-Dutch speaker the instructions are even more unclear. Katy

  2. interesting neckline...but no good if you can't get it on. What will you do? Use a stretchier fabric ?

  3. Oh, that is a great neckline and would be fun to wear if you could pull it on. I'm with katherine h, maybe a more stretchy knit will allow you to wear it?

  4. Your looks better than the magazine!

  5. I don´t like this kind of knot as shown in the magazine, your´s is looking much better!

  6. Can I say, yours looks 10 times better than the ones in the magazine! The design didn't do anything for me as I thought it looked rather messy. But now I think I'll have to change my mind.
    p.s. I'll reply on your email today!

  7. Hmmm . . that is an interesting neckline. I certainly think the blue one looks more like the line drawing. Maybe a really thin, 4 way stretch would be the best choice - especially if you'd like to get it over your head?

  8. I love this top, and would love to make it, but I can't imagine trying to figure it out when the instructions are poor. Kudos to you! Your's turned out great!

  9. Oh I'm so glad you've made this and it turned out just as expected! I really liked this design and I thought the instruction photos weren't too bad. We'll see if I still think that after I give it a go myself! ;)


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