Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank you

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last posts on the lace twinset, the blouse en the fabric for the skirt. It’s good to have my mojo back and I had hoped to make the skirt this weekend, but I’m having a terrible cold and stayed in bed for quite a while today. After a shower and dressing I do feel a bit better, but not clear enough in my head to sew. Hope the cold will go away quickly.

A few answers/reactions on the comments: Kathererine H, thank you for your ideas about fitting the blouse, I will use the ideas on my next verson.

Karin wondered about postage and the time the Style Arc pattern took to arrive: the postage was 25 Australian dollars for 3 patterns. I ordered them on a Sunday and arrived on the Thursday one and a half week later. Postage is something a supplier can’t do anything about, but it’s quite expensive.

Belinda, thank you for your observation on the issue of the sleeve. It’s something I must think about, it might very well be that is an issue.

And I agree with Marie-Christine, that the back might be a bit large on me.

The skirt: the first picture is the favorite for most of you, and mine as well. So that will be the combination I’ll use. I did make the pattern on Thursdaynight, so when my head is clear again I’m ready to go.

For those interested in the Style Arc patterns: I have the Chelsea pants pattern and want to try that soon.


  1. There is a horrible cough going around the uk too! I am in week 4 of it. I'm not too bad though. I hope that you feel better soon, and can enjoy the holidays!

  2. Sigrid a little while ago there was a blogger who had a problem with a skirt center back zipper bump. I think it was you who advised her to interface the seam with interfacing past the place where the zipper ends. In case it was you that gave the advice - I needed to say THANK YOU!, because I've been doing this and it has completely eliminated that pesky zipper bump in the back of my skirts. Must give credit where credit is due. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Sigrid, a pattern supplier can't change national postage rates but they can offer downloadable patterns. Personally I think with the buzz around Style Arc all over the world and how far away Australia is from many major markets I think Style Arc would be wise to offer some downloadables, even with the risk that people would share patterns--they share paper patterns too, so... anyway it could increase sales. I'm waiting to try Style Arc when they have downloadables.

  4. I hope I didn't give you my cold through the internet! Feel better.