Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sewing related weekend

Past weekend I’ve spent in wonderful company. Almost all of the ladies present at the PR Europe meeting in Brussels from April this year met again past weekend in The Netherlands. We even met two new ladies, Lauriana and Lilian (not in the picture).

On Saturday we started at the Gemeente museum in The Hague.

Marta, Sheila, Valerie, Lauriana, Hilde, Joana, Valerie (from OZ), Clare, Samira, Margaret.

Currently in the museum is the exhibition Fashion and Art, which was very nice to visit. Afterwards we went to Amsterdam, where we had wanted to visit the bag museum, but had just too little time after a lunch and very quick visit to Kantje Boord, but Amsterdam is nice to explore. Some pictures from the exhibition, where you are allowed to take them as long as you don't use flash light.

The zipper is under the black center part.


These sleevecaps reminded us of the Burda dress that was on the cover last year (September 2010?)

After dinner at my friend Valerie’s house we did an ugly-fabric swap. A standard at PR weekend (though this was not a PR weekend at all, but fun anyhow). This was the ‘ugly’ fabric I ended with. Think it will be a lining for a jacket or vest.

Sunday we visited one of the famous fabric markets. It was an indoors market, with an enormous amount of fabric stalls. Most of us left with quite a bit of fabric. This is my haul. Mostly knits, for not too complicated quick projects. I also bought fabric for the Dries van Nooten skirt, that’s for another post.


The weekend was as wonderful as the weekend in April. Thank you all ladies for such a fun time. And of course we were already talking about the next time….


  1. Sounds like fun! I love the idea of an "ugly fabric swap", I thought I was the only one who ever bought fabric and later decided it was ugly!

  2. It looks like a fun weekend with great people! Thank you for sharing the pictures with all of us:-)

  3. Looks like you had fun!

    I like those sleeve flanges...

  4. Thank you for sharing pictures of the exhibition. Oh, to see that in person would have been a sheer delight! I like your fabric haul, too!


  5. I am Dutch, but live in the Philippines and would love to join you on your next PR week-end if I happen to be in the right country at the tight time! Groetjes! karen

  6. What a lovely get-together, thanks for sharing the pictures. The exhibition looks fascinating.

  7. Hilde is met ons naar de Mary-Jo fabriek geweest,en toen had ze het er al over,dat jullie weer zo'n leuk uitje hadden..wat doen jullie leuke dingen, vorige keer KB en nu dit leuke museum...

  8. So glad you had a wonderful time with fellow sewists! Also love your fabric haul - you got some great pieces!

  9. What lovely photographs. Clothing exhibitions always get me so excited! The photographs of the mondrian dress are wonderful. The fabric is much thicker looking than I have supposed from book photographs. Also, seeing where the zipper is hidden is so exciting. I always wish they would do an exhibition with the clothes inside out, so we can see how they are constructed.