Friday, April 9, 2010

Spotted dog

That’s my association now I see this fabric made up as a blouse. Didn’t have it when I bought the fabric, but now it’s there. Hope it will be ok in the end, seen together with a plain pair of pants of skirt.

I enjoyed a wonderful few hours of sewing today. I cut this blouse around 4 pm and now it’s near 11 pm and the main parts are done (and I cooked dinner and had a coffee break). The seam ripper was not used once, which is rare. Though saying this will probably make sure that I need it in the last steps.

I made the collar with stand with Pam’s instructions (links to all 3 posts on the collar can be found here). I’ve used both her instructions and the method described by David P. Coffin with succes, but Pam’s instructions are a bit easier to do, and giving good results..


The sleeve placket I made with the instructions from my old BWOF book. Some time ago I placed a small tutorial here.

If the setting in of the sleeves, making the cuffs and hemming goes as smoothly as it did today, my first top of April will be ready this weekend.


  1. thank for commenting this pattern. It is o, top of my wish list
    I can't wait to see it finished

  2. gorgeous! I do not have that spotted dog association at all and just love the fabric.

  3. Love that blouse. I didn't think spotty dog when I saw it, but rather an abstract artsy polka dot!

  4. It is looking good. I think it will look lovely with some black pants. Thanks for the links too :)

  5. I also saw irregular overlapping polka dots in the pattern. It will be a great looking blouse when it is completed. I am glad the sewing is going so well.

  6. I like that fabric. I'm sure it will become a beautiful blouse!