Thursday, April 22, 2010


If you want to see the dress, wait a few days and  read the next blog ;)

There is progress but it’s going slow. I had “cold water fear” as the Dutch expression is to construct the back with zipper and lining. Not done that very often and while busy on the front of the dress this kept going on in my mind. Time to search for some information and practise. The information for sewing the lining in a sleeveless dress I found on the Threads dvd (issue 95). I combined these instructions with the tutorial for a facing for an invisible zipper from Els (sewing diva’s blog).

I have taken pictures for my own reference of the construction, so I might write my own tutorial in the near future.

This is the result from combining these two techniques. I used two different lining fabrics on the inside, while this will be a facing from the dress fabric in the real dress.

Not perfect, the right side in the picture is the second side I made, it’s better than the first one.
Els gave instructions to check before securing the end of the seam, pretty obvious I will have to follow that instruction next time!

Clear that the second time was neater on the inside too (aweful lining fabric to work with, I’m happy I have better quality for my dress.

Well, no excuses any more, there is a bit of the evening left, I’m going to work on the dress a bit.

PS: There are links to instructions for lining a sleeveless dress on the sewing tutorials site here.


  1. Love the brocade fabric!
    Looks like you've done a nice job on your zip - just make sure both sides are even at the top!
    I did a slightly different tutorial on my blog about facing invisible zips, that might help you too!

  2. I have just lined a sleeveless dress following Summerset's instructions (which seem to be the same as Claire Shaeffer's), so will be interested to see how yours differ. And I love that Dutch expession - it explains the fear very well.

  3. Nice, neat finish. Can't wait for the real thing.