Friday, April 2, 2010

Plans for April

Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my jacket. It confirms my feeling that this is a very versatile jacket and I will wear it a lot.

It looks like the sewing mojo is back and I do hope that I will have time to sew too in this month. I’m never sure how much work there will be, but for the moment I’m optimistic that I will get more sewing done than in the past months.

First I’m making a new lingerie set. Seeing Poetsie’s set this week made me take this lace and lycra from my cupboard and start this set. Obviously it is the same lace. The bra is almost finished, the advantage of a tnt pattern.

And I’ve joined the Spring month of tops blog from Faye. Great initiative and I like to challenge myself to sew at least 4 tops this month.

This is my storyboard for the first 3 tops.

The first top will be the Burdastyle blouse, with a bit less prominent collar points. the pleat on the sleeve caught my eye and I quite like the otherwise simple style of the blouse.

The Knip mode tops will be next. For the t-shirt I don’’t have a specific fabric in mind, maybe plain white. The plaid shirt is shown in the magazine like this:

I’ll make a skirt from the green/aqua linen that is left in the storyboard. Would be nice to do that this month too.

Maybe I’m too optimistic and is it too much, but one can at least aspire to something, don’t you think?


  1. That is a lovely bra! Good luck with the 4 tops in a month ~ I know you can do it though!

  2. Such a lovely bra. My sewing mojo has returned too and I joined the month of tops too. I think mine might just be knits. I am also making a dress at the moment.

  3. The Knipmode tee is very cute. I have that issue so I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Such a beautiful bra! You're inspiring me. I need to get my supplies together so I can finally try my hand at making one. Can't wait to see the KM t-shirt. I bought that issue and love so many things in it.

  5. Beautiful bra and so happy your mojo has returned. Your projects are so inspiring.

  6. Gorgeous bra! You always inspire me to make lingerie, but then I get too nervous to start. I have all the ingredients too. I should just do it.

  7. Beautiful bra, I love the color! Having goals is good,it is the engine of creativity. Good luck with tops!

  8. Mooie bh Sigrid, wordt een hele mooie.
    Ik ben vereerd, dat je mijn site erbij hebt gezet. :-)
    Sigrid beautiful bra is a nice one.
    I'm honored that you've put my site there. :-)