Monday, November 24, 2008

Two projects finished

Last week I finished the blouse for DD and my pants. For both I wrote a short review at Pattern Review.

The blouse for DD, she wore it today and managed to get a stain on it right away. So it's soaking in water right now. No chance for pictures on her (nothing to do with the stain btw). 

The pants pattern in general fitted as I thought it would. As my waist is two sizes smaller than my hip size, I trace the size that I need for my hips. With BWOF that is consistent size 44, (oh how I would like that it would come down to 42, but alas, the fitness programm does help, but not too much). Next step is make the dart in the back deeper, or add a second dart in the back. I also make a dart in the front (which is seldom there to start with).

The final alteration is making the crotch seam deaper, and adding the space that I took away there to the side seam. Which looks like this in a pattern.

In construction I sew the center back seam as a last step (after the waistband is sewed on), which gives me the last possibility of finetuning the fit.

With these pants I basted all with the longest straight stitch on my machine and fitted. All seemed perfectly alright, till the pictures were taken by DD: wrinkles/folds in the back. I think it might be the fabric, and of course the camera just takes a picture while standing still. I'm accepting this (must accept this), and I wore the pants yesterday and they felt good.

It's nice to have both projects finished. First in the line of completion will be the lining for the Vogue jacket I showed earlier. Then I might try my hand at another knock-off. I've seen so much inspiration for tops. I'll keep you posted.


  1. The pants look very RTW. Love the details. And the shirt is great. DD should be very happy with that. All those details means lots of work ;)

  2. two fabulous projects (hope the stain comes out of the shirt!). i agree the details on the pants are fantastic.

  3. Wow on the pants, so RTW but better. Your dd has to be thrilled with the blouse.

  4. Both of these look great! Thanks so much for the line drawing showing your alterations, too - it really helps to see it as well as read about the "whys"!

  5. Both projects are great - such nice RTW details and I know a much better fit with the trousers! The trousers look sharp and look very versatile.

  6. Great sewing ~ I love your pants and appreciate you showing how you made your alteration.