Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pants and UFO

05-2006-108Today I took a day off. This is difficult for me, as I basically work from home. Work is never far away, and in the past months often extended till late at night. Long ago I intended not to work on Wednesdays, that day would be for me: sewing, visiting a friend, shopping etc. I'm trying to get those free Wednesdays back (at least for the moment).

So today I found a lot of sewing time, with nobody in the house you can do a lot.

In the first picture the result for my search of a basic pattern to start another pair of pants. This is the pattern that I'll use: BWOF 05-2006-108. The waistband is shaped and it's not too wide in the upper leg. I changed the pattern to bootleg by adding space at the bottom. The pocket flap will be changed to a welt as in the Vogue pattern, and I'll add welt pockets in the back. Thanks Summerset for reminding me of the extra attention black welts will give, and you said it so subtle, but this is indeed not what I want.

The pants are cut and they are ready for marking. No muslin as I have faith in BWOF patterns and my standard alteration. But I did cut generous seam allowances.

01-2008-106 And do you think you've seen this blouse before? Yes, it's the same one Cidell is making. When she showed the picture on her blog, it reminded me, as I said in a comment on her post, that I promised to make that one for DD. I made the pleats long ago. See this post how I did them. In that post I said I would cut the blouse, but somehow that never happened. DD reminded me regularly of this blouse and today I made it. It needs hemming and buttons sewed on, and a good pressing, then it's finished. On DD's question how I came to do it now I answerd truthfully that I was reminded again by another blogger. She said it was incredible that I needed the post of someone on the other side of the world to really get it started. She was right, but it worked.


  1. I actually love the pocket detail on the front of those Burda WOF pants...I saw some Marc Jacobs pants with the same detail and have planned a pair myself...thanks for the pattern info. Can't wait to see your finished pants.

  2. I'm so EXCITED to get my shirt finished now! what beautiful tucks in your shirt. Mine are not that nice. I really need to invest in a metric see-through ruler. And what a fast sewer you are! I added the collar tonight. Maybe cuffs tomorrow. We'll see. Hemming always takes me a lifetime.

    Did I say that you shirt is looking a-mazing?

  3. That white shirt is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the pants.

  4. My DD is always amazed at my global community too...

  5. Not only my daughter, but my husband is amazed at my global community! I spent today cruising the fabric stores of Berkeley, CA with Christine from outside Toronto, whom I met via Patternreview. And we worked so well, we're meeting up for a museum crawl Friday. Sigrid, I'm calling on you when I visit your area - no trip planned there soon, alas, but I'm hopeful.

    The pintucks are gorgeous! I will have to prevent somehow my daughter from seeing your good work, or else she will want me to do for her what you do for your daughter, and expect me to do the same for her!

    You are a GOOD mother!
    Cheers! Heather

  6. You really did have a productive day! The shirt is absolutely fabulous - I want one too!

  7. The shirt is fabulous! I was thinking of making this shirt, until I realized how high the neck is. I'd look like a turtle!

  8. Well, Cidell may have reminded you but it was the love for your daughter that moved you enough to make the blouse for her! And a lucky girl she is as it is lovely. I wish white shirts did something for my complexion, but alas not! I also like your choice for the pants. Very classic and flattering looking.

  9. You're welcome for the subtle reminder about the welts. I know I'd be very self-conscious about such a detail. I think you're on the right track with your current trouser plans.

    The blouse is lovely! Good for you to finish regardless of motivation.

  10. That shirt is very pretty, DD is also pressing to get one, only the pattern is not chosen yet, so, you know how it goes, no pattern no blouse/shirt, maybe the white one in the December BWOF.

  11. I made those pants in red for my sister's wedding, some years ago! I made them ankle short with a crochet trim around the hem!

    The blouse looks terrific!


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