Monday, August 27, 2007

Next: a Marfy blouse

Earlier I mentioned that I plan to make a Marfy wintercoat. As winter is still a few months away here and because I never made a Marfy pattern before, I thought it would be good to try another one first. In the autumn/winter issue from last year a few blouses are included, and tonight I traced no. 1101.

It's a rather simple blouse pattern. I found one review from Liana on PR for this and I can't decide whether I should do a FBA or not. I traced 46 (Italian sizes make you feel big) and measuring the width and length of the pattern pieces makes me confident that it will fit and at least not be too small. Perhaps I'll leave it like this for a first try.

As to the complexity of the pattern tracing: all the information you get is that the pattern is on side A of the pattern sheet in a red color. No info on how many pieces you should trace, no numbering of pattern pieces, no small drawing how the pieces look like and which marks you have to copy. Nor any description. And do NOT think that it is the only pattern drawn on side A in red, there is another pattern in red too, and of course some lines were confusing. And this is a simple blouse!
But of course this is only one of the included patterns, most patterns (like my coat pattern) come already cut, so no tracing at all.

Now to decide which of my fabrics to use. It will be one of my "wardrobe" fabrics. Will post more on that plan later.

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