Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Marion suit

Remember the post about pattern sheets from last week where I showed a picture from the Marion magazine with pencil marks on the instructions? They made me wonder whether the pattern was actually made. My mother confirmed that she used the pattern in 1966 to attend a family wedding and she gave me the picture that shows her in it. Isn’t is great to see this? I just took out one of the old 60’s magazines to compare, and a week later you have the original pattern picture and a version that was made by my mother. What a coincidence.


No update on my dress yet, it’s coming along nicely.

And Gwensews: Melissa just posted a lot of information on internatinal magazines, including a link where to get Knip Mode. It’s the English site of the company I was going to advise.


  1. How wonderful to have the photo of your mother in the outfit! She looked very smart.

  2. She looks gorgeous in that outfit!

  3. How cool!!! So great to have a photo of your mom in the suit she made. She is very stylish!

  4. Your mother looks fabulous! I also prefer pictures of mine in outfits that she's made herself :-)..

  5. That is wonderful! Very neat to have both the pattern and photo of the suit your mother made. My parents were married in 1966, my mom graduated from high school the same year (a week before the wedding!).


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