Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Test (for partial readability in feeds)

My posts are irregular at the moment, to say the least. I've quite a backlog of projects that were not mentioned here, either because they're not really interesting material or just because the time lacked to make proper pictures in good light.
I read quite a few blogs through Bloglovin but was wondering why I sometimes see a complete post, sometimes only a few lines and have to click on "See original post" to go to the blog.
Only now I've been investigating a bit and it's a setting in blogger, to prevent other sites publishing your whole content if it was theirs. Never realised this. Also: at some point I noticed that there were comments on Bloglovin, not the place where I would like to have them. If someone takes the time to comment, I'd like to have the comment on my blog. (let's not talk about anonymous comments, I might turn that option off again, too much spam!).
So therefor I'm testing this option, to see whether the content of this post is only partly visible in feed readers. I'm not against feed readers, but would like to have more influence on what they share from my blog.

Another thing: I'm contemplating to change to a Wordpress blog, any thoughts on whether that's a good idea or not? More a standard than blogger nowadays?


  1. Hello Sigrid, I am just pleased whenever I see you have a new post. Not really useful in answer to your question I know, but please keep on blogging, I love to see your work. Angela

  2. I can only read a few lines from this post in my blog reader. I use Feedly. I'm always annoyed when I have to click on a blog post and open a new tab in order to read the full thing. I always thought that setting was in place so that blogs don't miss out on web traffic from their readers. I grudgingly click through because I do want bloggers to know their content is valued. I didn't realize it was to prevent other sites from stealing your content. What a shame that happens. I use Wordpress, but I blog very irregularly so I'm not an expert with it at all. Hopefully someone else can provide helpful advice!

  3. Hi! I follow your blog with feedly and yes, it came up with "click here to continue reading" after a few lines.

  4. I follow Bloglovin and I have to click in as only 3 lines show. this is on my Mac. If I am on my iPhone then i have to click and then get a choice to go to view original post to see all of it. Hope that helps. Not sure about Wordpress.

  5. Not much help here as I view your blog through "Feeder".... a RSS feeder(?). Not real tech savvy but know this is a different type feeder than Bloglovin and Feedly. I am using Blogger and will stay with that platform. I don't comment much on your blog, but do read your posts and enjoy what you share. :)

  6. Als WordPress blogger krijg ik jouw blogs in de WP reader en daar moet ik altijd ook doorklikken. Bij WP kun je wel de hele blog als mailvolger lezen maar in je reader krijg je altijd maar een paar regels.Als je dan op de titel klikt dan kun je daar het blog gewoon lezen en als je op bezoek klikt kom je op de blog inclusief layout. Ik adviseer je om eerst een account op WordPress aan te maken met een tijdelijk mailadres en dan daar een proefblog uit te proberen om te kijken hoe het je bevalt. Je kunt daar desgewenst een link naar plaatsen in je huidige Blogger blog om ons te vragen het te beoordelen. WordPress is overigens momenteel bezig met wijzigingen en ik heb ze die dus nog niet onder de knie.

    1. als je op bezoek hebt = als je op bezoek -> klilkt

  7. I read through feedly too and I have to be honest with shortened posts if the header and first paragraph don't grab my attention I may not click through. I think it is a useful feature if the post has lots of photos and many of your readers are on a mobile device though.

  8. I like your posts and I am incredibly erratic so I am not one to say how often one should post.
    I use a RSS feed but I am not sure what you mean by you mean by 'what they share from your blog'. Do you mean share with me, the consumer of your blog, or share with others and not credit you?
    As for clipping the post, I only have blogs that I know I'll read coming in through my feed so I always open the post fully even if I'd rather not have to.

  9. Yes, I get only a few lines and then "click here to continue reading". I don't have any problem with that. I read the blog through Feedly. I think Wordpress is increasingly a standard. I have used it as the base for the website of an Association whose committee I am a member of, and it seems pretty straightforward, but I don't have anything to compare it with.

  10. Hi Sigrid, I've been following your blog for along time but I;m not a commenter. I read blogs in Feedly because many blog formats don't play nicely with smaller devices such as phones and smaller tablets and if you keep that option to read the entire blog in the reader stitched off then I am afraid I will unfollow you as it is just inconvenient. Kate


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