Thursday, December 13, 2018

Jacket and a pair of pants

Accounting for two other garments from Burda magazine: a pair of pants and a jacket.
The jacket is from the June 2018 issue, number 104.

I changed it to have the closing center front, added my default 3 cm above the waistline and added a few centimeters to the peplum too. I had cut the peplum extra long and decided on the length during construction.
The back view of the line drawing suggests 7 panels, but there are only 4 (2 center back panels and 2 side panels). The panels that are indicated to have topstitching are just pieces of fabric sewn on top. I omitted that step.
I interfaced all pieces except the peplum with fusible interfacing, a bit heavier weight for the body,, light weight for the sleeves. The jacket is lined with black lining.

A detail to show the fabric better.

The pair of pants is from the December 2018 issue. I showed my initial steps on tracing and marking this pattern here.


  1. Love the jacket. Burda have had a lot of those type of jackets over the years. Very smart. Like the change to move the opening to centre front. Pants are cute too!

  2. I LOVE that jacket! I also love the pants and was eyeing them! Nice to know they are fitted, as I hoped they'd be (sometimes the photos can be misleading).

  3. This jacket is everything! The fit is fantastic!

  4. Fabulous! The jacket is spot on. The fit is perfect.

  5. Lovely jacket and as others commented, the fit is excellent. I also liked those particular pants (minus the flaps at the waistline) when I saw them in the magazine so I appreciate seeing your version. They look like a nice slim fitting style.

  6. Classic pairing and a perfect fit on your jacket.

  7. Great pieces!! I have been eyeing up that jacket, but was put off by the fact that I think it will only look good fully closed so your change to a centre front opening is very inspiring.


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