Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Finished project - coat

Think that I said it already: I have quite a few projects that never have been published on this blog. Sometimes this bothers me, as my blog is also a personal story of my sewing journey. When I see blog posts that I have written, say 8-10 years ago it sometimes strikes me that I have forgotten about a project or see a project that was loved, but worn out in the meantime. I like this keeping track of my projects, so I decided to try to publish more of my projects, even if it's something that it's not very interesting to others.
In this post photos of my coat, of which I published construction photos here and some random photos of a few projects made in the past few months.

The coat pattern is from the Burda March 2012 issue , adapted with the pockets from a 2007 issue.
It's lovely and warm with the interlining I applied. I still have to buy a good shawl to wear it properly. The fit is good with enough wearing ease to be able to wear a jacket underneath.

No spectacular or wild print lining. Just a very functional one.

A project for my daughter, the dress is made from a fabric that is a pita to work with. Doesn't take a pressing well. Lovely shade of red though, a bit darker than in the photos.

It's from the Knip Mode November 2018 issue.

And the last one for this post, looking a bit bland on the dressform, but very comfy in real life, Jemma, from Sinclair patterns. For this one I was inspired by a version one of my sewing friends wore when we had our sewing get-together in October. I'm planning to make another one soon and will discuss it in more detail. Lovely easy pattern, a one evening project.


  1. So beautiful and well constructed!

  2. It's always great to see what you have been working on. The neckline on the red dress is stunning.

  3. All lovely projects. The red dress is stunning.

  4. Lovely to see your projects, love the coat and the neckline on the red dress is wonderful.

  5. The inner construction of the coat is very interesting.

  6. Your work is impeccable as always!

  7. I love your coat and that dress is stunning!

  8. Beautiful! Each and every one.
    I, too, fail to post every single project on my blog, and then I wonder if I should "catch up", just to have a record of projects from the past.

  9. You are a very talented seamstress. I aspire to be able to turn out some sewing as nice as yours! Your blog entries are never uninteresting! Keep posting your lovely projects for us to see and get inspired! Happy holidays.

  10. lovely coat and that red dress is fantastic

  11. Such interesting patterns and beautifully sewn garments! - I'm very much looking forward to your comments on the Jemma pattern, too....

  12. I love the Knipmode dress and have bought this pattern (sadly instructions only in Dutch, where I can only understand limited amounts). The CF junction of collar and bodice looks difficult to do well and I would welcome any advice you feel able to offer. As usual I am enjoying your blog posts (and have been to Kantjeboord inspired by much earlier comments - I am now rapidly becoming addicted to making underwear). Thank you for much inspiration.

    1. Hi Anne, can't remember whether the instructions tell you to do it like this, but I sewed the collar to the neckline before sewing the center front seam. Then I pressed the center front seam open. If necessary you could attach the collar on the seam of the center front on the inside. . If you have any further questions I'm glad to help. My email address is isedl (@) yahoo (dot) com.


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