Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Burda skirt–May 2012

Browsing BurdaStyle online I saw a skirt pattern I liked very much, but from an old issue that I don’t have. I tried to buy the pdf pattern but their system blocked (tried it twice, called my bank and they saw I tried to pay it and assured there was nothing wrong at their end). Then a sewing friend came to the rescue who has this issue and traced it for me (Viv, again a huge thank you!).


It was not in my set of patterns I cut in a batch a few weeks ago, almost finished those and update on those items soon. With warmer weather finally arrived here I just had to make this skirt, sewed on the buttons last night and am actually wearing it now.

At the time I might have thought this was not a skirt that was very current, at least I don’t remember seeing wide skirts for a while. They definitely are around again and this is a great pattern. Burda often is fashion forward!

The pocket is very easy, no need for a single welt construction here. It’s between two seams so you just sew the pocket to the bottom pattern piece and lay that on top of the upper pattern piece.

P5080542 P5080541P5080532P5080536

Fabric is a bit prone to wrinkling. I already sat down in this skirt, which is visible in the back picture.

I’ve not subscribed to Burda for a long time, but as I eventually like patterns from issues that I dismissed before, having used quite a few patterns from more recent issues AND having seen the preview for June with some great patterns, I will subscribe again.


  1. Fantastic post!
    Kisses .
    Dilek ...

  2. I haven't seen full skirts yet here in Australia, but perhaps they are coming. Yours is lovely!

  3. What a lovely skirt. Both classic and current!

  4. I may not love everything in Burda but I can't see how I can stop subscribing now! :) I feel like their patterns often "grow on me".

    Love the skirt. I do not have this issue and almost bought this pattern during the sitewide sale. It's gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful skirt. Just right for warm days. Very elegant.

  6. Tany is working on a pant suit from 1998 I think? Just goes to show you should never throw out old Burda. I love this skirt on you. It's flattering , stylish and pretty. What's the fabric?

  7. Lovely skirt! Perfect for summer.

  8. Very nice skirt Sigrid. =)

  9. Great skirt and really interesting to know that the pocket construction is simple. I'm not sure if that's what has put me off in the past, but I've looked at this pattern many times - maybe I will get around to it now! Burda has been brilliant lately, I definitely recommend resubscribing!


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